Best Christian YouTubers: Who Makes Faith Fun and Why You Should Watch

Exploring your faith online? You’re in luck! YouTube’s brimming with inspiring Christian content creators who blend faith, life, and creativity in ways that’ll refresh your soul. Whether you’re looking for Bible studies, worship music, or real-life testimonies, these YouTubers have got you covered.

Top 10 Christian YouTubers to Follow

Best Christian YouTubers: Who Makes Faith Fun and Why You Should Watch

You’ve got your device handy and you’re ready to dive into some soul-uplifting content. Perfect. Let’s jump straight into the top Christian YouTubers you’ll want to hit subscribe on.

1. The Bible Project.
Short, animated videos that break down the books of the Bible and big biblical themes. It’s like a Sunday School visual aid but for all ages.

2. Jefferson Bethke.
He tackles tough questions about faith and modern life. Bethke’s channel is a must-visit for straight talk and deep insight.

3. Priscilla Shirer.
Her teachings weave Scripture with practical application. Follow her for a dose of daily wisdom.

4. Transformation Church.
Led by Pastor Mike Todd, the channel offers full-length sermons that are both impactful and relatable.

5. Jackie Hill Perry.
She shares her poetry and talks about faith in a raw, honest way that resonates with many.

6. WorshipMob.
Longing for some worship music? Dive into their live sessions and feel like you’re part of a worship event.

7. Jon Jorgenson.
An actor and speaker, Jon creates content that’s both engaging and thought-provoking, challenging you to grow in your faith.

8. Tim Mackie.
A scholar who explains biblical texts with clarity. His deep dives into scripture can transform your understanding.

9. Sadie Robertson.
Beyond her ‘Duck Dynasty’ fame, Sadie’s channel offers a fresh, youthful perspective on leading a Christ-centered life.

10. Living Waters.
Evangelism resources and real-life witnessing encounters abound here. Great if you’re curious about sharing your faith.

1. The Bible Project

Imagine finding a resource that simplifies the complexities of the Bible and presents it through captivating animations. That’s exactly what The Bible Project offers. They create short, animated videos that make understanding the Scriptures not just easy, but incredibly engaging.

Their videos are perfect for both newcomers to Christianity and seasoned believers. Tim Mackie and Jon Collins, the masterminds behind this channel, tackle each book of the Bible, theme-by-theme, and word studies. It’s like having your very own Bible study group available 24/7.

You’ll appreciate how they connect ancient biblical stories to life today. They’re not just retelling the stories; they’re revealing the narrative arc of the entire Bible, showing how interconnected and alive the text is.

The variety in content ensures that no matter where you are on your faith journey, you’ll find something relevant:

  • Animated explanations of each Bible book
  • Thematic studies
  • Word studies that dive deep into biblical language

They also offer podcast discussions and study guides that complement their videos, ensuring that you can study in a way that suits you best. The Bible Project isn’t just about consuming content, it’s an invitation to engage and participate in the ongoing story.

What sets The Bible Project apart is its commitment to scholarship paired with clear, relatable communication. They’ve managed to strike an almost impossible balance – due reverence for Scripture alongside innovative teaching methods.

By the time you’ve watched a few of their videos, you’ll likely notice your understanding of Bible stories has deepened. You might even find yourself sharing your insights with friends, eager to discuss the newfound depths of your faith.

2. Sadie Robertson Huff

If you’re looking for a dose of youthful energy coupled with Christian faith, Sadie Robertson Huff should be your go-to channel. A Dancing with the Stars alumna, Sadie doesn’t dance around the big questions life throws at you. She dives right in, sharing personal experiences that resonate with young adults around the globe.

Her vlogs and talks often touch upon real-life issues from a Christian standpoint. You’ll find her discussing topics like body image, relationships, and faith challenges, all while offering encouragement through a Christ-centered lens. Sadie’s authenticity is a breath of fresh air in a world saturated with edited realities.

Beyond her personal musings, she interviews guests, ranging from family members to famous faith leaders. Her “WHOA, That’s Good” podcast, available on YouTube, is a treasure trove of wisdom where she asks her guests to share the best advice they’ve ever received. This conjures a vibrant community dialogue, stirring inspiration and deep reflection.

Through her channel, Sadie provides a platform that’s both informative and supportive. Her casual but purposeful content will help you navigate your faith journey with enthusiasm. It’s particularly refreshing for young believers looking to blend their spirituality with their everyday lives.

As a beacon for young Christians, Sadie emphasizes that it’s okay to be both flawed and devout. Her message? Your journey with faith can be both challenging and joyous, and you’re not alone in it. Dive into Sadie Robertson Huff’s channel for guidance, or simply for a reminder that faith can intersect gracefully with the ups and downs of being young.

3. Jefferson Bethke

Jefferson Bethke burst onto the Christian YouTube scene with his spoken-word poem “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus.” The video went viral, striking a chord with millions, and Bethke’s channel has been a hub of thought-provoking content ever since. His aim is to address common misconceptions about Christianity and to spark a deeper dive into faith for viewers like you.

Bethke’s style is conversational. He’s like that approachable youth pastor who always has an interesting story or a fresh take on Biblical principles. His videos often tackle the challenges of living a Christ-centered life in a modern world. They’re candid, they’re relatable, and they’re packed with sincere insights.

You’ll find a variety of content on Jefferson Bethke’s channel. There’s something for everyone. From discussions about marriage and family to personal vlogs about his own faith journey, every video is an invitation to reflect and grow.

The substance of the videos is grounded in scripture, even as Bethke encourages his audience to grapple with tough issues. He doesn’t eschew tough topics; rather, he tackles them head-on, blending biblical teaching with the complexities of contemporary life.

Fans of the channel often praise Bethke’s ability to articulate what many young Christians are thinking but don’t know how to say. His educational background in Biblical Studies comes through without feeling like a lecture. Instead, it feels like a chat with a friend who just happens to be really well-versed in theology.

Whether you’re questioning, seeking, or looking to deepen your faith, Jefferson Bethke’s YouTube presence is a resource you’ll likely find invaluable. His heartfelt approach to discussing lifestyle, culture, and faith could be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

4. Emily Wilson

Emily Wilson offers a breath of fresh air on her YouTube platform. Her channel is a treasure trove for young women seeking guidance on issues like relationships, lifestyle, and personal faith. It’s clear through her engaging content that she’s deeply rooted in her Christian beliefs and wants to help you navigate life’s complexities with grace.

Wilson’s journey into YouTube began with her passion for music and storytelling. She has a unique ability to connect with her audience through personal anecdotes and heartfelt advice. Her background in youth ministry shines through in the way she addresses topics relevant to Christian girls and young women, with a focus on purity, self-worth, and practical Christianity.

You’ll find a variety of content on Emily’s channel, from vlogs and Q&As to discussions about biblical truths and modern-day dilemmas. She’s not afraid to tackle tough questions with honesty and warmth. Her channel is a space where faith meets the real world, offering hope and direction amidst the noise.

Viewers praise Emily for her down-to-earth personality and the vulnerability she displays in her videos. Her transparency in sharing her own life experiences makes her relatable to many searching for a mentor figure. You’re likely to appreciate how she blends her knowledge of Scripture with everyday situations.

With Emily, it’s not just about listening to someone talk; it’s about joining a community of believers striving toward a common goal. Her welcoming approach encourages personal growth and a deeper understanding of what it means to be a young Christian today. Her insights could be exactly what you need to hear as you journey through your own spiritual walk.

5. Joseph Solomon

Joseph Solomon stands out with a refreshingly poignant approach to Christianity. His channel isn’t just about faith; it’s a journey of artistry and reflection.

You’ll find Solomon’s spoken word poetry blending seamlessly with deep theological discussions. His content bridges creative expression and Christian thought, making complex subjects accessible and engaging.

Watch one of his videos, and you’re likely to encounter honest conversations about modern Christian living. He doesn’t shy away from tough questions, addressing them with authenticity and grace.

Music is another of Solomon’s fortes. His talented musicianship adds a unique dimension to his channel, fostering a space where art and Christianity intersect to inspire and move viewers like you.

One of his most talked-about series, ‘chaseGodtv,’ tackles real-life issues. From relationships to societal pressures, Joseph has a knack for initiating dialogue that resonates with young believers.

He doesn’t just preach; he dialogues. You’re invited into the conversation, encouraged to explore your faith and how it relates to the wider world.

If you’re searching for a space that marries intellect with spirituality, Joseph Solomon’s channel is your next stop. Dive in and find a community that nurtures both mind and soul through the lens of Christianity.

6. Jackie Hill Perry

When you’re on the lookout for a dynamic voice in the Christian YouTube sphere, Jackie Hill Perry is a name you won’t want to skip. Her channel stands out for its bold and unapologetic approach to sharing the Gospel. You’ll find that Perry brings a unique perspective as a poet, an artist, and a woman who has experienced a profound personal transformation through faith.

Her testimony of leaving homosexuality has touched countless viewers, drawing them into a conversation about identity and the power of God to change lives. Don’t be surprised if you get wrapped up in her powerful storytelling. She’s got a way of speaking truth that hits you right in the heart, challenging you to consider your own life and faith journey.

Perry doesn’t just stop at her testimony; her channel is a trove of biblical wisdom. With her clear and direct style, she breaks down complex theological concepts into bite-sized pieces that are easy to digest. This makes her content not only accessible but also deeply resonant with those seeking to deepen their understanding of Christian principles.

She also addresses cultural topics through a biblical lens, guiding you to navigate today’s world while staying true to your convictions. Her discussions are thought-provoking, often leaving you with more to ponder than when you started. This is precisely what makes her channel ideal for you if you’re eager to grow in wisdom and knowledge.

Jackie Hill Perry’s channel is more than just sermons; it’s a place where theology, life, and poetry intersect. Whether you’re exploring the Christian faith or looking for ways to strengthen your walk with God, Perry offers a refreshing and insightful voice that speaks to the challenges and joys of the Christian experience.

7. John Crist

If you’re looking for a laugh while exploring Christian themes, John Crist is your go-to guy. He’s carved out a special niche in the world of Christian comedy, gaining recognition for his humor that’s both clean and relatable.

John Crist’s videos cleverly poke fun at Christian culture, shining a light on the quirks and peculiarities that you might find in churches or within Christian communities. His comedic sketches often go viral, and for good reason – they’re hilariously accurate.

But it’s not all comedy with Crist. He occasionally delves into more serious topics. What sets him apart is his ability to balance humor with heart. You’re just as likely to be challenged by his messages as you are to be entertained.

His approach to Christianity isn’t daunting. In fact, it’s pretty down to earth. By blending comedy with life lessons, he can discuss the daily struggles and triumphs of being a Christian without making it feel heavy.

His unique take on Christian content makes religion approachable, especially for younger audiences who might shy away from traditional messages. With John Crist, it’s almost like getting advice from a friend who just happens to have a great sense of humor.

Remember, faith doesn’t have to be all serious all the time. Laughter and spirituality can coexist, as proved by Crist’s ever-growing YouTube presence. Check him out for a fresh perspective on the lighter side of Christian living.

8. Clayton Jennings

Clayton Jennings is a name you might not know yet, but he’s quickly becoming a voice for a generation seeking authenticity in their faith. He wears the hats of a spoken word artist, an author, and an evangelist, sharing his journey with a blend of raw honesty and storytelling.

His YouTube channel isn’t just a collection of videos; it’s a mosaic of personal confessions, poetic preaching, and vibrant storytelling. Each piece offers a window into the struggles and victories of walking with God in the modern world. Jennings’s content cuts deep, resonating with those who grapple with their faith, and are desperate for something real.

His spoken word videos, particularly, stand out. These cinematic portrayals of his powerful poetry are not only visually gripping but spiritually stirring. He tackles themes like grace, redemption, and the fight against sin, often speaking directly to your heart, compelling you to reflect on your own life and walk with Christ.

Clayton’s approach to evangelism is far from conventional. He pairs the age-old gospel message with contemporary issues facing young Christians today. Through his videos, you’re reminded that the gospel is timeless, yet ever-relevant, and it’s this balance that helps bridge the gap between the biblical world and your everyday experiences.

With each upload, Clayton Jennings encourages you to take a step further in your faith. You’ll find that his boldness is contagious, and his vulnerability draws you into a deeper understanding of what it means to be a follower of Christ in a world that is constantly changing.

His journey isn’t just his story—it mirrors the story of so many others who strive to live out their faith authentically. As you dive into Clayton Jennings’s content, prepare to be challenged, inspired, and changed.

9. Paul and Morgan

Paul and Morgan Olliges, known simply as Paul and Morgan, bring a fresh perspective to Christian YouTubing. Imagine sitting down with two friends who are all about keeping it real with you. They’re a young married couple from Kentucky who dive headfirst into conversations about Christian dating, marriage, and the challenges that young believers face today.

With their vlog-styled content, you’ll find yourself in the midst of discussions quirky enough to keep you engaged but grounded in solid Christian beliefs. Your curiosity about how faith shapes relationships will find many answers here. Think of it as a candid chat over coffee, covering everything from purity to prayer life.

Their channel isn’t shy about tackling controversial subjects either. Whether it’s discussions about pop culture, societal expectations, or Biblical worldview, Paul and Morgan don’t hold back on sharing their opinions. They encourage an open-hearted approach to conversations, even those that might make you squirm a bit.

Their authenticity shines through in each video as they openly share their lives, struggles, and triumphs with their viewers. You’ll watch them navigate life’s hurdles and celebrate its joys all through the lens of faith. It’s like having mentors who guide you through the sometimes-perplexing paths of young adulthood.

If you’re puzzled about integrating Christian values in today’s world, Paul and Morgan strive to present answers that resonate with real life. They extend an invitation to their viewers to be part of a community that’s growing in faith, wisdom, and love, one video at a time.

10. The Skit Guys

Eddie James and Tommy Woodard, better known as The Skit Guys, offer a blend of humor and faith that’s unique to the Christian YouTube scene. They’ve been best friends since high school and their chemistry is undeniable.

Their skit-based approach to spreading the gospel is refreshing. You’ll see them portraying everything from Bible characters to modern-day Christians, always with a comedic twist. Their skits are not only funny, but they also pack a punch with strong messages that stick with you.

They excel in making the complexities of the faith accessible to all ages. Think of them as the cool youth pastors who know how to break down scripture into enjoyable, bite-sized plays.

What stands out is their commitment to quality. Each skit is well-scripted and produced, making biblical principles engaging, never preachy. They’re master storytellers, using their gifts to teach and entertain simultaneously.

The Skit Guys also offer resources for churches and groups, such as scripts and videos. It’s a great toolbox for anyone looking to inject some creativity into their faith-based gatherings.

With over a decade of videos, The Skit Guys archive is a treasure trove for anyone seeking a laugh with their learning. Whether it’s a poignant moment or a burst of joy, they deliver content that resonates with viewers from all walks of life.


Diving into the world of Christian YouTubers can truly enrich your spiritual journey. You’ve got a fantastic lineup at your fingertips, from the thought-provoking teachings to the laughter-filled skits that make faith feel so relatable. Remember, it’s not just about being entertained; it’s about growing in your faith and finding community. So go ahead, explore their channels, and maybe you’ll find that spark to brighten your walk with God. Keep an open heart, and enjoy the digital fellowship. Happy viewing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are The Skit Guys?

The Skit Guys are Eddie James and Tommy Woodard, a Christian comedy duo who create skits that blend humor with faith. They have been best friends since high school and use their comedic talents to make biblical principles engaging and accessible.

What do The Skit Guys offer?

The Skit Guys offer entertaining and well-produced skits that present biblical stories and concepts in a humorous and relatable way. They also provide resources for churches and groups to use in faith-based gatherings.

Are The Skit Guys’ videos suitable for all ages?

Yes, The Skit Guys create content that is suitable for all ages. Their skits are designed to be engaging for a broad audience, from children to adults.

How can The Skit Guys’ videos be used by churches?

Churches can use The Skit Guys’ videos as creative tools to breathe life into their teachings and gatherings. The videos can serve as thought-provoking introductions, conversation starters, or comedic interludes in various church settings.

Do The Skit Guys have a large collection of videos?

Yes, with over a decade of producing videos, The Skit Guys have an extensive archive that serves as a treasure trove for those looking to add humor and a modern twist to their faith-based learning.

Where can one find The Skit Guys’ content?

The Skit Guys’ content can be found on their official website, social media platforms, and their YouTube channel, which houses a variety of skits and resources for viewers and church groups.