How Should a Christian Live

Isn’t it true that we all want to be happy and prosper in our lives? We all know what it takes to be successful and how to get there. We need to work hard, eat healthy, and exercise regularly so that we may have a long and healthy life.

How Should a Christian Live

What about our relationship with God? Is it possible to have a good and successful Christian life? In this article, we’ll go over how a Christian should live.

How Should a Christian Live?

We exist because God desires a personal connection with every one of us. He gave us the Bible to help us better understand Him. He loves us and would do everything for us. Since God created us in His image, it is hypocritical to treat others as though they are less deserving of respect than ourselves.

In addition to abiding by the legal system, we should aim to treat those around us with dignity and respect. People should be seen in the same way that God does: as being created in His image out of love.

Our Relationship with God

Our connection with God automatically alters when we embrace Him as our savior. We have a deep reverence and affection for God, whohas shown us who we are and what we are capable of. The degree to which you fear or revere God is a function of your connection with Him.

Similar to how we behave in the face of a raging thunderstorm. It is easier to appreciate the storm’s ferocity and the possible devastation when it is occurring right in front of us. But, when we are far away, we can admire the beauty of the lighting. Our perception of thunder is influenced by our connection to it.

God’s might is seen as a loving parent who can protect and love us when we live a life according to Him and submit to Him completely. God’s power is the same in both cases. Just the relationship between us impacts our different reactions. God’s mercy is shown to us when we confess our faults.

If you’re in a close connection with someone, think about what that entails. You’ve undoubtedly spent some time with each other already. In order to have a conversation with someone, you must both speak and listen. Most likely, you’re familiar with them. You can predict what they will say or do in a certain circumstance since you are familiar with their character and disposition. This individual is dependable in both good and bad times. Your loved ones know it. The more concerned they are about your welfare, the more likely they are to warn you if they suspect you are going to do something bad for yourself.

Having a personal connection with God is like all of these things. However, there are a few major distinctions. People have flaws. These people are fallible, erratic, and have the potential to do us harm. A flawless God exists. Even if you don’t desire a relationship with Him, He always has your best interests at heart and always hopes for the best for you.

Living Christian Teachings

We must live with love and harmony with others to establish a peaceful community according to the teachings of the Bible. It’s normal to have a group of friends we can relate ourselves to with similar tastes and preferences to spend most of our time with. However, it’s also nice and refreshing to try to get close to your church group even if they don’t dress like you or listen to different music than you.

when you extend your generosity to other Christians and see it coming back to you in other ways through your journeys in life, you areleading by example –living a good Christian life that lets your faith and relationship with the Lord shine through in everything you say and do.

Jesus encourages all Christians to develop in their connection, dedication, and obedience to God. This is what it means to live a Christian life in its purest form. Love, not obligation, motivates our partnership, dedication, and submission to one another. Christian living does not imply a life of complete comfort and ease, nor does it entail never having to deal with difficulties. It’s the attitude and forbearance we endure for whatever comes our way.

Practicing Gratitude

Do you find yourself struggling in thanking the Lord for His favors upon you? When you just can’t seem to see how He worked in mysterious ways to enable something important in your life or remove hardship in your family — challenge yourself to keep a thanksgiving journal. List down at least three things to thank God for that you are grateful to have in your life. You will end thanking God for even the minutest details about life that you took for granted all your life. Developing a thanking relationship with God is essential. The difficulties of life would be harder to deal with if we did not have a connection with God. Gratitude helps us notice God’s handprints in our lives and brings us happiness and pleasure because of it.

Gain More by Giving More

Make a rule to give back to your community in any way possible. Volunteer for community services near you or teach the word of God to young kids. Not only will you have the privilege to offer your money, time, or energy to help others in need, but you will also find a certain sense of contentment and pleasure. You will realize that you are gaining more than you are giving in incomprehensible forms.

Our Final Thoughts

There are many ways to lead a decent life, but it’s not always the same for Christians and others who don’t believe. Maintaining your connection with God and obeying His laws is more fulfilling than valuing your material belongings and achievements. Make these things a priority, and you’ll discover that you’ll be happier and better able to deal with any difficulties that come your way.

When we overlook any of these seven essentials of how should a Christian live, we are the ones to face the consequences. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the areas of our spiritual lives where we are doing a good job and ask the Lord to show us where we need to improve.

Get the support of a trusted friend or your partner, discuss your needs and ask for prayers. You will see your life improve mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.