Best Christian Songs for Choreography: Dance Spiritually to These Hits

Looking for the perfect blend of faith and rhythm to bring your dance routine to life? You’re in luck! Christian music offers a rich tapestry of melodies and messages that can transform your choreography into an uplifting experience.

Best Christian Songs for Choreography: Dance Spiritually to These Hits

Whether you’re choreographing for a church event, a dance recital, or just for the joy of it, finding the right song is key. You want tracks that not only resonate with your audience but also provide the right tempo and vibe for your moves.

Top Christian Songs for Choreography

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect track, lyrical content and beat are key. Start with songs that focus on powerful messages of faith and hope. You want your audience to feel that.

Energetic worship anthems are fantastic for high-impact routines. Consider Hillsong Young & Free’s “Alive” for its vibrant pulse. It’s a favorite for a reason—it gets feet moving and hearts racing.

For a more contemplative piece, try “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” by Hillsong UNITED. Its build-up and crescendo work well for expressive dance. The ebb and flow of the melody allow for fluid movement and emotional storytelling.

If your choreography aims for celebration, “Chain Breaker” by Zach Williams delivers a rousing beat that’s hard to beat. This song’s robust energy supports dynamic choreography and its message about freedom resonates deeply.

Don’t overlook urban gospel tracks with a hip-hop influence. They provide a fantastic rhythm that’s perfect for urban dance styles. TobyMac’s “Feel It” featuring Mr. TalkBox channels that upbeat, joyful feel, making a great background for a powerful routine.

Remember, contrast in your setlist can be very compelling. Alternating between slower, reflective songs and upbeat tracks can create a meaningful journey through dance.

  • “You Say” by Lauren Daigle
  • “God’s Not Dead (Like a Lion)” by Newsboys
  • “Eye of the Storm” by Ryan Stevenson featuring GabeReal

These songs stand out for their stirring lyrics and adaptable rhythms for various dance styles. Their powerful messages align beautifully with the intent to inspire through movement.

Lyrical and contemporary dancers often lean towards songs with a strong narrative arc. For such routines, “Scars” by I AM THEY tells a profound story of healing that dancers can express through movement.

In crafting your choreography, think about the story you want to tell. The music should encapsulate that narrative, not just with words, but with its very cadence and tone. With these songs as your foundation, the spiritual and physical can intertwine to create something truly memorable in your dance routine.

Importance of Choosing the Right Song

When piecing together a dance, the song selection isn’t just about the rhythm; it’s about the message. You’re not just a choreographer; you’re a storyteller. Picking the right song ensures that your movement will resonate, not just with the audience, but also with the dancers themselves.

Songs with relatable lyrics strike a chord and deepen the impact of your dance. Think about the core of your performance. Do you aim to inspire, convey a journey, or perhaps deliver a powerful testimony? The song you choose should parallel these intentions.

Consider the musicality and dynamics. A track with varied tempos and crescendos offers a canvas for diverse movements and emotional expressions. This diversity within the music enhances the visual spectacle and keeps the audience engaged.

Select tracks that layer spiritual thematic elements with captivating beats. Choreography, at its best, serves as an extension of worship, moving beyond mere entertainment.

Keep in mind the age and background of your performers. Songs that resonate with their experiences will elicit a more authentic presentation. Their connection to the music will shine through, making the routine not only impressive but genuinely heartfelt.

Remember the space in which you’ll perform. A larger setting might demand a bolder, more robust sound, while an intimate venue allows for softer, nuanced music. The right choice amplifies the essence of your choreography to its optimal potential.

The ability of music to set a mood or change the atmosphere is powerful in worship settings. Through choreography set to the perfect song, you can create an experience that’s both uplifting and transformative for everyone involved.

Factors to Consider in Song Selection

When picking the perfect track for your choreography, you’ve got to weigh the lyrical content carefully. The words should resonate with Christian values and share a message that the dancers and audience connect with.

Consider the tempo and rhythm of the song. They dictate the energy and type of moves in the routine. You want the dance to reflect the song’s spirit, whether it’s slow and graceful or fast and joyous.

Think about the age appropriateness of the song. The lyrics and theme should fit the maturity of the performers. You’re aiming for universal appeal that touches the hearts of all age groups.

Take into account the cultural relevance. Choose songs that echo the contemporary issues your audience faces. This creates a powerful narrative that participants can embody and audiences can appreciate.

Examine the length and structure of the song. You might need to edit it for time constraints, so look for tracks that can be cut without losing their essence.

Remember, the diversity in the group can influence song choice. Embrace a variety of music that reflects different traditions within Christianity. This inclusive approach can enhance the overall performance.

Dive into the technical aspects of the song. Complex melodies and harmonies can create stunning choreographies but require skilled dancers. Ensure your performers can handle the musical intricacies.

Lastly, ponder over the venue’s acoustics. The song should sound clear whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Good acoustics support the dancers and help deliver the message with impact.

Uplifting Christian Songs for Fast-paced Choreography

When you’re looking for a boost of energy in your worship dance, fast-paced Christian songs are ideal. They bring a joyous, celebratory atmosphere that’s perfect for dynamic choreography. Think of songs that instantly make your feet tap and your heart race – that’s what you’re aiming for.

Songs with faster tempos require precise movements and can be challenging but thrilling to perform. Songs like “God’s Not Dead” by Newsboys or “Lion and the Lamb” by Big Daddy Weave provide that driving beat that’s so integral to energetic routines.

Your selection should induce a sense of empowerment. Look for tracks with bold lyrics that emphasize the strength and majesty of God, like “Eye of the Storm” by Ryan Stevenson. Tracks like these don’t just get the body moving; they stir the soul.

Incorporate variety. Don’t shy away from incorporating some Christian EDM (Electronic Dance Music) to keep the energy levels high. Songs such as “Chain Breaker” by Zach Williams or “Greater” by MercyMe have rhythms that are conducive to high-intensity dance moves.

Remember to adapt your choreography to the skill level of your dancers. Intense songs can be demanding, so ensure the intensity of the movement matches what your group can handle. Balance is key; you want to challenge your dancers without overwhelming them.

To maintain momentum, have a playlist that smoothly transitions between songs, keeping the beat steady. When the rhythm flows seamlessly, dancers can stay engaged, and the audience feels the progression of worship.

Think about the message you want to convey with your routine. Song lyrics should align with the core tenets of your faith, celebrating themes such as redemption, grace, and joy in Christ. The music should be a soundtrack to the story you wish to tell through each step and leap.

Choose songs that reflect unity and community. After all, fast-paced worship through dance is not just about individual expression but also about coming together to rejoice in faith. Songs like “We Believe” by Newsboys can unite dancers and audience members alike in a shared experience.

Soulful Christian Songs for Slow Choreography

When you’re crafting a dance that speaks to the soul, slow Christian music can be your canvas. These songs often feature profound lyrics that stir the heart and allow for expressive movement.

Worship ballads and gentle hymns provide an intimate backdrop for routines. They invite reflection and a more personal worship experience. You’ll want to choose songs that resonate with your emotions and enable a deeper spiritual connection through dance.

Consider tracks that have clear and smooth melodies. The pacing should be just right for deliberate and meaningful movement. With every step, you can create a visual story that complements the song’s message.

Including instrumental breaks gives dancers moments to shine without words, allowing the choreography itself to do the talking. It’s an opportunity for you to craft segments that can be powerful in their subtlety.

Look for songs that have a build-up to a crescendo. Even slow choreography can have a powerful climax that highlights a key moment in the music. These dynamic shifts are perfect for adding impact to your performance.

Varying the intensity within your routine maintains the audience’s attention. You can do this by matching the ebb and flow of the music’s volume and emotional depth. It’s about aligning the movement with the song’s spirit.

Remember, choosing the right music is just the start. Your interpretation and the execution of the choreography are what will truly make it memorable. Let the music guide you, and don’t be afraid to express the song’s essence through each graceful movement.

Contemporary Christian Songs for Choreography

When you’re searching for contemporary Christian songs for your dance, you’ll want tunes that resonate with your audience while remaining true to your faith. Modern worship music often hits the sweet spot; it’s up-to-date and in line with current styles and trends. Let’s delve into tapping into this genre for your choreography.

Firstly, think about the message you want to impart. Contemporary Christian music covers a broad spectrum of themes from grace to redemption or the day-to-day walk with God. Look for songs that speak to your group’s experience and the message you aim to convey through your dance.

Then there’s tempo. This genre offers a goldmine of varying speeds suitable for different dance styles. You might find medium-tempo songs like “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” by Hillsong United perfect for a reflective lyrical dance, while something with more zest like “Joy” by For King & Country could drive an energetic hip-hop routine.

Remember to consider the arrangement of each song. Many contemporary Christian tracks build dynamically, providing a natural progression for your choreography that can accentuate the storytelling aspect of your performance.

Here’s a tip: don’t shy away from incorporating multi-lingual songs as they can add a unique flair and reflect the universal nature of the Christian faith. Songs like “Echo” by Elevation Worship and Tauren Wells mix English and Spanish, broadening your routine’s appeal.

Working with youth groups? They tend to appreciate music that they can relate to. Opt for artists that resonate with younger demographics, such as TobyMac or Hillsong Young & Free. Their music not only connects but also comes with beats that lend themselves well to dynamic, high-energy routines.

Keep in mind the overall flow and transitions within your setlist. If you’re weaving together multiple songs, aim for smooth transitions that maintain the audience’s engagement and complement the ebb and flow of the dances.

By carefully selecting contemporary Christian songs that align with your message, tempo needs, and your dancers’ energy, you’ll craft an unforgettable worship experience through movement.

Classic Christian Songs for Choreography

When you’re diving into the rich history of Christian music for your dance routine, don’t overlook classic hymns and songs. These classics carry time-tested messages and melodies that often resonate deeply with congregations.

Hymns like “Amazing Grace” or “How Great Thou Art” have simplistic yet powerful melodies that can be adapted for contemporary dance. Their slow tempo gives dancers the opportunity to express each movement with intention and emotion.

On the flip side, you’ve got more upbeat options like “Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee” which can inspire spirited and energetic choreography. The rhythm and pace of such hymns lend themselves well to group numbers where synchronization and collective movement are key.

Consider how the historical context of these songs can add layers to your performance. A song that’s been sung for generations can evoke a sense of heritage and timelessness in your choreography.

For youth-focused events, classics can be tweaked with modern arrangements. This approach keeps the core message intact while making the music relatable to a younger audience.

Mixing old with new shows the versatility and enduring relevance of Christian music. As you plan your routine, think about how these traditional tunes can highlight the dance, creating a bridge between the past and present in worship settings.

By incorporating classic Christian songs into your choreography, you engage in a form of worship that honors the roots of Christian music while infusing it with new life through dance.


You’ve got all the tools you need to pick the perfect Christian song for your next choreography. Remember, it’s all about the harmony between the music and your movement. Whether you choose a timeless classic or a contemporary hit, make sure it resonates with your audience and uplifts the spirit of worship. Now, go ahead and create something beautiful that’ll move hearts as much as it moves feet!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be considered when choosing a song for dance routines in a worship setting?

When choosing a song for dance routines in worship, one should consider the lyrical content to ensure it’s appropriate for the spiritual environment, as well as the tempo and rhythm to match the dance style. Age appropriateness and cultural relevance are also key factors, along with the song’s length and structure for choreography purposes.

Why is it important to embrace diversity in music choices for worship dance routines?

Embracing diversity in music choices brings variety and can cater to different tastes and cultural backgrounds within the worship community. It can also depict the universality of the Christian faith and its message, connecting with a broader audience.

How can classic Christian songs be adapted for modern worship dance?

Classic Christian songs can be adapted for modern worship dances by tweaking the arrangements to freshen up the tune while maintaining the original message. These adaptations often involve adjusting the tempo and incorporating contemporary rhythms suitable for dance choreography aimed at youth-focused events.

What is the benefit of incorporating classic Christian songs into worship dances?

Incorporating classic Christian songs into worship dances helps honor the tradition and roots of Christian music. It also ensures that the timeless messages conveyed through these songs continue to resonate and are passed down, while engaging worshippers through revitalized modes of expression like dance.