Best Christian Publishers for New Authors

If you strongly believe in your Christian values, you should know that getting those values out there will be highly appreciated by God Himself. He rewards those who preach religion to their other brothers and sisters. One way of doing that is by writing a book that encompasses some main points that God has put forth.

Best Christian Publishers for New Authors

Writing a book based on religion or spirituality is a noble cause as you’ll raise awareness among so many people. If a person reads your book and gets educated on the power of God and Christianity, God will reward you for it in His way. However, to get such a book published, you’ll need to contact a Christian publisher.

The 15 Best Christian Publishers for New Authors

Here are a few of the best Christian publishers you can consider talking with.

Dancing with Bear Publishing

This publishing house is one of the best as they accept unsolicited manuscripts. Their whole purpose is to publish books that promote the message of God and encourage people to become spiritually tamed. You can set up an appointment with them whenever you want and discuss the possibility of them publishing your book.


Publishers like Zondervan appreciate a good book about peace, love, and religion. These publishers accept unsolicited manuscripts, making them an excellent option to consider if you want to publish your book. Contact one of their representatives today and meet with them to see how you can proceed.

Baker Books

The best way to contact Baker Books is by sending them a manuscript of your book via email. They accept all slush pile entries. However, you should know they mainly accept manuscripts through other agents, so great if you have an agent. If you don’t, get one today if you want your book to be published by Baker Books.

B&H Publishing

B&H Publishing might be a good fit for you as they constantly hunt for new talent. They love welcoming new and veteran writers and signing them with their publishing house. Many new writers have launched their first-ever books through B&H Publishing. Some include Recovering Redemption by Matt Chandler and Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby.

Westminster John Knox Press

This publishing house loves publishing books that explore social norms through Christian views. They’re big on topics like social issues and spirituality. So, if you’ve recently written a book that explores such themes, you should undoubtedly contact Westminster John Knox Press to enter into talks to publish your book potentially.

Kregel Publications

If you’re a storyteller and love creating fictional stories exploring Christianity, Kregel Publications is the publishing house to go to. You can submit your manuscript to them, and if they’re interested in going through with your book, you can enter negotiations. As long as you have a beautiful fictional story, there’s no way Kregel will decline.

Beaming Books

Every publishing house has a specific them that they follow. Beaming Books mainly publish books that are more informative than fictional. This publishing house strongly believes in educating children about Christianity. So, if you want them to publish your book, you’ll have to write something that serves children and their parents.

Herald Press

Herald Press goes after writers who bring them fresh content about reconciliation, spirituality, mission, peace, discipleship, etc. If you can write a book on any of these topics, you’ll probably get a publishing deal if they like your book enough to give it the green light. Herald Press promotes writers who believe in educating their audience.

Eerdman’s Publishing

Eerdman’s publishing is an independent publishing house that launches books about religious beliefs. They also publish academic books, but their main dealing is with religious books that have a significant audience. This Michigan-based publishing house has launched many writers by releasing their religious books.

The Upper Room

The Upper Room aims to explore the lives of Christians by getting God’s message out there to the right audience. Their primary purpose is to make people understand what God has to say to His subjects and what our religion preaches. They’re on a noble mission to educate the masses about our Christian values.

Wipf and Stock

The representatives at Wipf and Stock are thorough professionals. The staff handles everything, from publication to meeting writers to editing to customer service. They ensure to carry out all tasks efficiently and publish books that communicate the extent of God’s power to their readers. They also accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Moody Publishers

Please do not take their name too seriously, as they’ve published plenty of religious books about spirituality, peace, and self-growth. You’ll be happy to know that Moody Publishers are a non-profit Christian publishing house that has sold over 300 million books. They are one of the biggest book distributors in the Christian publishing world.

Dove Christian Publishers

They were formerly known as Conquest Publishers but have recently undergone a brand change. These publishers accept unsolicited manuscripts and publish fiction and non-fiction books. Apart from that, they also release videos that communicate religious messages.

Bethany House

Bethany House has been around for years now and has been publishing spiritual books for a long time. The books released by Bethany House are considered to be top-notch. It has sold over 1,100 titles in the last few years, covering almost every genre to read. Bethany House has quite the reputation, and the books it publishes always do well commercially.

Lighthouse Christian Publishing

The primary purpose of this publishing house is to sell original content written by talented writers. They aim to price the books as reasonably as possible as they believe everybody should get a fair chance to read and educate themselves. All of the books published by Lighthouse Christian Publishing offer incredible quality and content.

Our Final Thoughts

If you’ve written a book and want to get it published through a Christian publishing house, it would help if you got in touch with any of the publishing houses mentioned above. All of them are professional and brilliant at what they do. Most of them accept unsolicited manuscripts, so it’ll be easier to give them your submission.