Best Christian Parenting Books

Parenting can be quite a daunting task. Without a doubt, raising a child is one of the toughest jobs out there. As a society, we believe that children are naive and receptive to the effects of education and science. However, the Holy Scriptures say otherwise. The Bible teaches that humans are born with a predisposition to wrongdoing and resistance.

Best Christian Parenting Books

That’s why parents have such a huge role in identifying it and weeding it out from their systems through the teachings of Our Savior and The Lord. Parenting isn’t all about teaching good behavior; it’s about fostering a healthy relationship with your children. As a parent, your first responsibility is to assist your kid in developing a personal relationship with God by teaching them about Jesus Christ and the gospel of grace.

Even though this sounds like a tough job, it can be made easy by following guides laid out in some of the best Christian Parenting Books.

The 5 Best Christian Parenting Books

Here is a list of five of the best Christian books for parenting.

1. The Lifegiving Parent: Giving Your Child a Life Worth Living for Christ

You can become swamped and confused by the relentless stream of parenting suggestions in the modern world. Since there is abundant information to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. The Scriptures do not contain a godly parenting approach. Still, it does contain concepts that can help any devoted parent introduce God’s life into their household.

Clay and Sally Clarkson, two well-known Christian authors and parents, in this book focus on eight fundamental principles for establishing a household where children can experience the teachings of God and can implement his teachings in their daily lives. This book is a must-have resource for any parent who wants to go above and beyond in their role as a Christian role model for their children.

2. Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family

Trying to do everything “correctly” and raising only “excellent” children can cause parents to forget their primary goal as caregivers in favor of quick fixes and surefire methods. In this book, Paul Tripp gives a comprehensive guide for parents rather than a simple 101 parenting manual. Instead, he gives us a broad overview of God’s purposes for our lives as parents.

He highlights fourteen main principles that are centered around the gospel. These principles go beyond explaining that raising godly kids requires much more than just simple parenting techniques. It is, in fact, God’s rescuing grace that parents need to guide their children towards spirituality and help them get on the Lord’s path.

3. Missional Motherhood: The Everyday Ministry of Motherhood in the Grand Plan of God

Despite the humdrum activities and never-ending to-do lists, parenthood is anything but inconsequential. As part of God’s overall plan to pull people toward him, he has established motherhood as a way to infuse women with a divine cause in fostering humanity.

The book is divided into two parts. First, “Motherhood in the Grand Plan of God” and then “The Everyday Ministry of Motherhood” are presented. The first part talks about biblical theology, whereas the second part is dedicated to the theology of motherhood. Many of us desire to build a Christian household, but we are unsure what that looks like.

The author has done a great job in helping women rediscover the connections, pledges, and abilities of Jesus. When it comes to making new disciples, this book will inspire you to view and value Jesus as the center of your daily purpose.

4. The Ministry of Motherhood: Following Christ’s Example in Reaching the Hearts of Our Children

An average mother’s day is jam-packed with numerous time-consuming and energy-intensive duties, including cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the family’s little ones. All of these occupations are essential and critical. The everyday routine of caring for a child’s developmental, social and emotional issues can easily ignore the need for spiritual growth and development.

By following Christ’s example, Sally Clarkson shows parents how to make a positive difference in their children’s lives. As a Christian parent, it’s a good reminder to start with what Holy scripture says about parenting and only then look for specific ways to incorporate Him into your parenthood.

5. Grace-Based Parenting: Set Your Family Free

In today’s time, parents are likely to be devoted and concerned about their child-rearing duties. They’ve explored the different parental content available, but many of them are fear-based and belligerent, which loving parents automatically reject in their quest for guidance. In this book, the author talks about re-inventing the way parents raise their kids.

When it comes to raising children, the author, Dr. Kimmel, suggests an alternative to the fear-based motivations of the past: a style of parenting that is modeled after God’s character traits of love, forgiveness, and grace. Growing up with the basis of faith that God has provided for us lays the groundwork for raising morally upright and spiritually driven children.

Our Final Thoughts

As discussed before, parenting is not simple in any manner. Given how the world is getting more corrupt each day, it is even more difficult for Christian parents to raise their children right. They will inevitably be exposed to all the corruption and wrongdoings, just like Eve, who was a victim to the temptation of the forbidden fruit.

That’s why bringing up the way Our Lord has commanded is the best way to bring them up. By incorporating the teachings of the Bible and God is the only way to save them from the sins of this world.