Best Christian Books for Moms

Being a mom is hard work, but it’s even harder when you’re trying to instill your Christian beliefs in your children. Most people are just seeking someone to tell them that they’re not alone and help them keep grounded in their beliefs and priorities as a mother. The best Christian books for moms can help you empower yourself and find strength during this journey.

Best Christian Books for Moms

A few minutes a day of reading can improve your emotions and provide you with a little happiness. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new mom or a working mom; there’s a Christian mom book out there for you. We pray that one of the books on these lists may serve as a source of encouragement and a source of renewed strength in Christ for you. It can be difficult to tell what is biblical and what isn’t, so the best way is to conduct some study, get some ideas, and dive right in.

The 6 Best Christian Books for Moms

Here is our rundown of the best Christian books for moms.

Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full: Gospel Meditations for Busy Moms

Mothers have a never-ending task list, and many well-meaning people load on how-to lists to assist them IN handling it all. The good news is that the Christ-centered gospel principles fill the soul in Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full, rather than a how-to manual. Throughout Gloria Furman’s book, she encourages us to focus on the eternal rather than the here and now. By knowing the one who has given you everything and loves you more than anything, you will be able to find the best path to motherhood.

This book can give mothers the courage they need to pass each day, help them look beyond their struggles of motherhood to the greater meaning of life, and help them reconnect with their Creator and understand his never-ending love.

Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family

Paul David Tripp’s book isn’t about how-to or should-be for moms. Instead, he encourages parents to look to the Gospel and apply its principles to their interactions with their children. This is a one-of-a-kind parenting guide firmly founded in Scripture, making it an invaluable resource for any Christian parent seeking to raise their children according to Scripture.

The Better Mom Devotional: Shaping Our Hearts as We Shape Our Homes

Sometimes, you feel inadequate, exhausted, and nervous as a mother. This devotional read examines the anatomy of motherhood’s stressors. In this book, you’ll find a collection of 100 devotions filled with scripture reflections and thought-provoking questions. You will find out how, as a mother, God may use your role to convert you into a far better person. It also helps you realize that you can strengthen and develop your faith as you progress through the stages of parenthood. Most importantly, it tells you how to care for your children while teaching, disciplining, and loving them.

Scripture and brief devotions from Ruth Schwenk’s The Better Mom Devotional will help you establish daily communication with God. Regardless of how your day goes with your kids, this is just what you need.

The Ministry of Motherhood: Following Christ’s Example in Reaching the Hearts of Our Children

Sally Clarkson uses Scripture and practical teachings of Christ to explain how to positively impact your child’s life by emulating the example Christ has set himself. This book can be a great resource for mothers to rethink the “order” in raising children. When it comes to motherhood and the Christian life, it reminds you to first look at what God’s Word says about the two and then look for particular methods to include Him in your parenting.

It reminds mothers that we have our notions about how to raise our children and then beg for God’s blessing for them without fully comprehending or seeking His guidance for such a huge effort.

Sally Clarkson, as a mother, provides a lot of motivation for looking at motherhood from a long-term perspective. A Christian home is something that many of us aspire to create, but we don’t always know what it looks like in practice. She explains how to use our gifts as moms to model Christian living and show our kids the right path.

Risen Motherhood: Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments

Motherhood is challenging. As mothers, we are bombarded with conflicting signals about who we are and what we should do, and all we find are solutions that just raise more questions. Parenting is often where we learn about everything we can and can’t do. In this book, the authors, Laura Wiflerand Emily Jensen, tell us that even though we can’t change people or situations, we can change how we think about them. They give us a way to think about motherhood that isn’t limited by time or culture, but that also considers the Christian faith and words of God.

The book Risen Motherhood is full of practical advice based on timeless biblical truth. Empathy, encouragement, and a realization that true hope for moms comes only from the work of the Gospel alone, are some of the things moms find in Risen Motherhood.

Our Final Thoughts

Motherhood is one of the most challenging parts of a woman’s life, but every second is worth it. Oftentimes, first-time or even experienced moms find themselves at a point where they don’t know how to act or what to do. They are looking for answers to make this journey less challenging, more empowering. Many mothers turn to parenting books in search of advice.

This list of the best Christian books for moms sums up all the advice and faith needed for struggling mothers to take this journey. Raising a kid is an important task that women have been blessed with, and they need to find all the help they need with the word of God.