Best Christian Books for Men

Job stress, family demands, commitment quandaries; men undergo a great deal of stress daily based on their varied roles as fathers, brothers, and husbands. They’re often so caught up with the employment crisis and family issues; they’re hardly able to take time for themselves.

Best Christian Books for Men

The best Christian books for men preach the opposite of how men live their lives today. These books focus on connecting men to the core of all existence; a sound relationship with the Creator. And rightfully so. Men need to balance worldly indulgences and religious practices to live content lives.

The 5 Best Christian Books for Men

We’ve compiled a collection of some of the best Christian books for men. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Choose Courage: 3-Minute Devotions for Men

This read by David Sanford is more like a Do-It-Yourself task book that engages the reader only for three minutes every day. The reader only reads one page daily. The author then asks the reader to contemplate against guided questions provided in the book.

This pick is for men who work round the clock completing shifts and taking care of their families. This book asks you to remember God for three minutes. The book talks about the men of the Bible: Joshua and Peter. In the initial chapters, the book expands on the virtue of courage.

The narrative is so easy to follow that you’ll glide through the book in speed. Remember—you only read one page a day, not more. The book’s style is like regular conversations. It features verses, references, and quotations from the Bible that best describe the case of courageous men. Even if you don’t find the book life-changing, you’ll become a more contemplative person after reading it.


  • Features quotations from the Bible
  • Easy read
  • Easy to understand


  • The treatment of a few themes is superficial

2. MANdentity: Healing the Wounded Man

The book by Adam French centers around the protagonist trying to find himself in the image of God. The questions of “Who we are in God’s eye?” and “Why does He inflict pain upon us?” are recurrent in the book. The reader conjures a different answer for the questions mentioned above each time.

Adam French’s writing is effortlessly gripping. He discusses the core virtues of bravery, chivalry, and self-control attributed to men and how men navigate these themes throughout their lives.

The book draws inspiration from personal anecdotes and inspiring experiences the writer went through in his lifetime. MANdentity focuses more on affirming for the reader that a man’s identity is not in his possessions or the titles that he earns during his lifetime. A man’s real identity is achieved when he aligns his true self with the purpose and worship of God.

The read ends with a promise of faith. It guarantees ease in this life for all who live prayerfully and refrain from the corrupting indulgences of the world.


  • Based on personal experience
  • The narrative is easy to follow
  • Addresses real-life trauma and events


  • Best suited for male readers

3. Doing Time with God: Stories of Healing and Hope in our Prisons

The book’s plot revolves around an ATM robbery in 1988, during which the protagonist was shot and had to spend days in hospital beds utterly disappointed in life and God. The book narrates the resentment the narrator experienced after the incident.

It took a miracle and much time for Bill Dyer, the book’s author, to learn the art of contemplation. The book offers tremendous insight into the themes of letting go and starting afresh. The book does so without overwhelming the readers. At no point in the book does the reader find himself lost in a narration he can’t relate to.

Bill Dyer’s urge to know more about faithlessness in a convict led him to many prisons and jails where he questioned and spoke with them. The stories he shares in his book are mementos of some of the hardest realities of life men go through. It’s made to the list of some of the best Christian books for men for its sheer rawness and gripping story-telling.


  • Based on real-life events/creative non-fiction
  • Detailed real-life descriptions
  • Explores the reassuring capacity of God’s love


  • Not suitable for younger audiences

4. Talk Less Pray More Through the Prayers of Jesus

Talk Less Pray More Through the Prayers of Jesus by Dr. Gary Miller is a compiled collection of Jesus’ prayers from the four gospels. The more you read the book, the more you will find it dealing with your life’s events. Excerpts from the prayers fit each of our shoes well. It makes the book’s appeal timeless.

In the introduction, Dr. Miller insists many of us don’t know the art of praying. The essence of praying lies in the idea of self-surrender. The prayers of Jesus compiled in the book are a perfect example of a supplication that seeks universal good.

Miller is all about incorporating our faith in the Holy Trinity in our everyday activities. Talk Less Pray More is one of the best Christian books for men since most of Christ’s prayers represent his complete trust in the Omnipotent and humility towards his kind.


  • Features excerpts from the Bible
  • Explains Biblical symbols
  • Easily available Online


  • Some readers might find it a bit detached from usual life struggles

5. How God Makes Men: Ten Epic Stories. Ten Proven Principles. One Huge Promise for Your Life

God created men for the elevated cause of his worship. Patrick Morley’s How God Makes Men features men of the first order; the men of the Bible. The themes that Morley covers in the book are what he believes were men created for.

Men today are far detached from their purpose; he’s confused, astray, and heedless. Much of this spiritual uncertainty results from the many distracting streams of ideas that hit his stratosphere every passing day. Morley’s book brings the focus back to the highest virtues of faith, courage, and patience through suffering.


  • An inspiring read
  • Suitable for study groups
  • Suitable for male adolescents


  • Some readers may find the content too basic

Our Final Thoughts

The best Christian books for men offer the man of today a chance to re-evaluate his choices and give his peace and sanctity a chance to prevail. While all of the books mentioned above are insightful, we’d suggest you begin with reading MANdentity: Healing the Wounded Man. The suggestion comes after considering that your continued struggle with self-expression should be acknowledged before it’s dealt with.

If anything, Adam French is honest with his stark narrations of men’s struggle with culture and with themselves from a young age.