Best Bible Study for New Christians

You’ve just become a Christian, and you’re not sure where to begin your Bible reading and study. To put it mildly, it’s debilitating. Even if you’ve heard of Numbers or Leviticus, there are other books, chapters, and verses to choose from. Don’t worry; we have got you covered.

The 11 Best Bible Studies for New Christians

Best Bible Study for New Christians

If you haven’t already done so, grab a book, brew a cup of coffee, and settle in for the ride. The following are the best Bible studies for new Christians to use:

1. Seamless – Seven Sessions by Angie Smith

From Genesis to Revelation, this course will teach you how the Bible’s 66 books are intertwined in a way that may appear random at first. Discover fresh new connections between the characters, places, and promises of the Bible as you go through the Scripture chronologically. This is the book for you if you wish to achieve clarity and confidence in your interpretation of Scripture.

2. Open Your Bible – Seven Sessions by Amanda Bible Williams and Raechel Myers

There are many people who yearn to hear from God. It’s true for every one of us. You have the opportunity to meet with God in the pages of His Word. This seven-session study will leave you with a greater appreciation for the Word of God, a deeper grasp of its authority, and a stronger desire to know it thoroughly. Get your hands on a copy now.

3. Disciples Path

A set of tools based on Jesus’ idea of discipleship, rather than a single study, is the foundation of Disciples Path. Beginning with an introduction to the fundamental practices and principles of religion, such as Christ’s centrality, prayer and Scripture reading, community, and what it means to be on purpose for God in our lives, this collection of books is a godsend.

4. Raised Together – 8 Sessions by Gloria Furman

Has Colossians been a part of your Bible study yet? Paul urges Christians to live the truth of Jesus Christ’s divinity, supremacy, and sufficiency in the letter to Colossae. Christians believe that we’ve been buried and resurrected as new creations, woven together in the love of God with Him.

New Christians can learn the basics of Christian doctrine in eight sessions through a verse-by-verse study of Colossians. Find out who you are in Christ and how to continue to develop your faith with the help of this amazing set of books.

5. Finding I AM – Six Sessions by Lysa Terkeurst

Is there a nagging pain in your heart that keeps you awake at night? It is a profound spiritual battle that Jesus cares about and wants to help you overcome. Learn about the seven I AM statements Jesus made in the Gospel of John by joining Lysa TerKeurst in Israel. Be prepared to give up emotions of emptiness in exchange for a new understanding of who Jesus is.

6. Foundations By Robby & Kandi Gallaty

This 260-day Bible reading schedule is a good starting point for those new to the habit of daily Bible reading. As long as you read five days a week, you’ll be able to cover the Bible’s most important portions in a year. When you use the HEAR journaling approach to study God’s Word, you’ll take the time to underline, explain, apply, and reply to what you’ve read.

7. Experiencing God – 13 Sessions by Henry Blackaby, Richard Blackaby, and Clare King

This well-known 13-session study will help new believers grasp the seven realities of experiencing God via biblical and contemporary examples. Moreover, you’ll have a clearer picture of your place in Christ’s body.

8. Living Free – 6 Sessions by Beth Moore

Interested in finding lasting freedom in Christ to replace your shackles? Prayer Scripture and the power of praying God’s Word can help you in this regard. You can explore the Lord in this course. You’ll be able to overcome barriers preventing you from having a closer relationship with Christ by studying the Bible in-depth.

9. Psalm 23 by Jennifer Rothschild

You can go wrong with Psalm 23 as a starting point. Even long-time Christians often struggle to grasp the basics of the Bible. Learn how God’s compassionate care can be a source of strength to the disciples because of the Shepherd’s goodness in each season of life throughout seven sessions. Regardless of where life takes you, the Shepherd is always there for you.

10. LifeChange series from the Navigators

The LifeChange series from the Navigators is a great way to get started with Bible study and learn more about your religion. There are a wide variety of books to choose from in this educational series that will come in handy for you in your quest for knowledge.

11. Drawn In – Bible Study by Eugene H. Peterson

Being a woman might be difficult at times. There are several examples of women in leadership roles just getting the job done, even in biblical times.

Eugene H. Peterson’s Bible study series Drawn In honors the lives of three women: Esther, Ruth, and Mary. This is a study and devotional that encourages you to quiet your mind and emotions via coloring, allowing the lessons from these women to actually burst through. See how each of these experiences can help inspire your own walk with Christ once you understand the deeper significance behind them.

Final Words

We believe these are the greatest books for Christians who are just beginning to study the Bible and the Christian religion. Regardless of where you are on your spiritual path, these Best Bible Studies for New Christians can help you discover the perfect course for you.

A book from the New Testament is an excellent place to begin. Many people might advise you to start with the gospels of John or Luke because these books focus on Jesus’ life and teachings. In light of the events that took place during Jesus’ lifetime, much of the Old Testament will become more understandable.