Why Do Christians Take Communion

Have you wondered why Christians break bread and sip some wine at certain church services?

Why Do Christians Take Communion

These acts are typically carried out on the day of Communion. We have probably heard of Christians taking part in Communion by visiting the church. It has been practiced for thousands of years. Yet, many of us are unaware of what it actually means and why Christians do it.

Taking part in Communion is highly sacred for Christians as it entails following a commandment given by Jesus and allowing them to remember Him. The holy rite is carried out by all Christians to atone for the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for their sins. Therefore, the day is observed to remember the blood spilled by Jesus on the cross, and his bruised body hung on the cross.

In this blog, we will take a closer look at what Communion is, why Christians take it, and what partaking in Communion entails for Christians.

What is Communion?

Jesus Christ instituted two primary sacraments for Christians to follow. One is baptism, while the other is Communion, which is also known as the Lord’s Supper. Such sacraments help solidify Christians’ beliefs and encourage them to continue following the path of Christ. They serve as important reminders along the journey of following Christ to remain steadfast and dedicated to God.

Jesus told His followers to take Communion to remember Him, but specifically His impending death. Therefore, Christians go to church to sip on some wine or grape juice and share a piece of bread while remembering Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.

The bread and wine, in this case, symbolize Jesus’ body and blood, respectively. It is taken in remembrance of His bruised and beaten body on the cross and His blood that was spilled.

Christians take part in Communion not just by eating bread and drinking wine but also through prayer and meditation. They observe this day in order to honor Jesus Christ’s death and sacrifice. The practice is not just about eating and drinking for Christians; it is about feeling Jesus in each person’s body and receiving His blessings and promises through each bite and sip.

These promises relate to his forgiveness of the sins of his followers and to nourishing and satisfying them. This is also why Jesus calls Himself “The bread of life” because we are nourished through Him, and He is the main reason why we survive.

History of Communion

Communion is largely connected with Passover. This was a critical tradition celebrated by the people of Israel, specifically Jews. In fact, Jews from all over the world would come to Israel to observe Passover as it serves as a key remembrance for the Jewish people since this was when they were freed from Egypt. Jesus established Communion during Passover.

At a supper for Passover with twelve of His disciples, Jesus broke a piece of bread and gave it to them. This was also His final meal with them. He told them that this bread is His body while the wine is His blood. This is when He also informed them about His impending death and betrayal that He knew was coming.

The broken bread represented His broken and beaten body on the cross, while the wine represented the blood He would spill for all of His believers.

Hence, He stated that the bread is broken, and the wine is consumed in remembrance of Him. And since then, Christians have been doing exactly that for nearly two thousand years. Today, many Christians do not celebrate the Passover meal, but they do observe Communion.

Why Christians Take Communion

Taking communion is not an obligatory right for Christians, but something that they practice for a myriad of reasons.

Celebrating Communion is a highly important celebration and practice for Christians all over the world. It is not much about the bread and wine but rather of the body and blood of Christ. The main reason why Christians celebrate Communion is to remember Jesus and think about Him and His sacrifices for them.

Communion acts as a command for all Christians to remember. It reminded them of the broken bread and spilled wine, and Jesus’ spilled blood that would wash away all of the sins of those who believe in Him.

Additionally, during Communion, Christians are also encouraged to think about how God is present through Jesus and His sacrifice. It was through Jesus that Christians have peace with God and can please Him.

Christians around the world do not consider Communion to be an obligation but rather a celebration of His word in the gospel. It celebrates the story of Jesus Christ and how he completely and wholeheartedly gave Himself away for his people and followers. Communion makes it possible for Christians not just to remember Jesus but also to celebrate Him.

All in all, Communion serves as a reminder for Christians, which is why they regularly celebrate it. It allows them to remind them about how Jesus is the one who provides. Every piece of food they eat and wine they drink serves as a reminder of Jesus and His undying love for His followers.

Following God and remaining steadfast can be a challenging and long journey, which is why Communion is so beneficial. It provides encouragement and strength along the way for all Christians.

Our Final Thoughts

Communion is an important and auspicious celebration for Christians. At the end of the day, Communion is a command to remember. It is used as an opportunity for Christians to remember all the sacrifices Jesus Christ made for them and reminds them to put their entire trust and faith in Him.

Taking part in Communion does not make one a Christian, but it helps them follow the path of Christ. As each person sits, breaks bread, and sips wine together, they are reminded of all of these things and how Jesus is present in each one of them.