Why Do Christians Get Sick?

Many people wonder why awful things happen if God is ever-present. Why do Christians get sick? This is an important question to ask as believers living in the midst of a global pandemic. A good God wouldn’t want anything bad to happen.

Why Do Christians Get Sick?

It is also essential because a distorted picture of suffering can have disastrous effects on your life. Many people believe that your health is a gift from God and that any illness you experience is a result of your failure to repent for your sins.

This notion of health, prosperity, and money has damaged the lives of countless people. Suppose a concerned parent takes their ailing child to a healer only to learn that the child will be left unwell because the parents committed so-and-so sin.

Can you imagine the guilt they would feel? Having a firm understanding of God’s Word on this topic is essential if you want to protect yourself and serve the sick in the best possible way.

Why Do People Get Sick – The Bible Viewpoint

Humans have dominion and reign over God’s creation. Therefore, the diamond of humankind was placed on the crown of creation. This implied that in God’s flawless paradise, there was no pain, disease, or grief.

Adam and Eve were elevated in status until they disobeyed God’s command. “The fall” is a term used to refer to the consequences of this decision. To go from where we are to where we want to be requires us to go down a long and arduous path. In the Bible, the journey into hell is broken into two parts.

How did the Fall Happen?

God explicitly states that you will not eat from a so-and-so tree. However, Adam and Eve disobeyed the Lord and ate the forbidden fruit. Humankind was thrust into a life of annihilation, disease, and degradation after that one act. It is said that sin is like rust in terms of its effect on the material. As a result, there is a devaluation of your self-worth and ability to achieve your goals.

The Fall’s Effect

The consequences of the fall were grave. Among other things, the fall has affected humankind. When one man sinned, death spread to everyone else. Everyone becomes a sinner from the moment they are born. The fall affects everyone.

Creation is another area where we observe the fall’s influence. Not by choice but by necessity. The fall is at the root of all human misery, whether it manifests itself in bodily illness or the form of a natural disaster.

Causes of Illness

Both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible contain numerous references to the causes of illness. It was believed that if you are in good health, you are blessed in ways you can’t even fathom.

However, if you are sick, it means you have committed crimes you need to repent for. Diseases were often regarded as the result of some specific personal or parental sin. Some illnesses were assigned to Satan’s hand alone. It is plainly stated in the Bible that these are the means by which God causes sickness.

1. Personal or Parental Infractions

It is indicated that you fall sick as a result of your personal or parental sin. God punishes sinners by inflicting illness on their own bodies as retribution.

The Bible says that if he has sinned, he will be forgiven. Pray for one another, confess your sins to one another, and seek healing from one another. However, it would be naive to think God wouldn’t punish you for your sins in this manner today.

2. Supernatural Involvement

Satan wields great power, and humans have a limited comprehension of it. Job’s life clearly demonstrates that he is capable of bringing about sickness and affliction. Satan was directly responsible for everything that happened to Job. Christians believe that Satan was given some of his powers by God to push Job away from God. In an ironic twist, God demonstrated His point in Job’s case by enabling Satan to make his case. Sickness can be brought about by either demonic or Satanic forces.

3. Human Foolishness

Sickness can be caused by human foolishness and carelessness. It is your responsibility to take good care of the energy, resources, and bodies God has given you. Poor health decisions are to blame for most of the illnesses you see today. If you indulge yourself in smoking, drinking, bad diet, poor hygiene, etc., you are bound to fall sick. No matter what you do, do everything for the glory of God. If you neglect your body to feed your desires, you might have to face many ailments.

God let men be afflicted for no other reason than to show off His hand of Providence. Humans were introduced to the story of Lazarus’ death due to a disease. It’s possible that God allows sickness for the sole purpose of showing us how much He cares for us. There are occasions when it is impossible to determine the cause of a person’s health problem. Rather than focusing on the negative aspects of the illness, focus on what God might be accomplished through it.

What is the Purpose of Sickness in God’s Plan- the Bible’s Viewpoint

  • The Bible often reminds humans just how powerful and damaging a sin can be. When a person is ill, they experience the reality of their spiritual condition apart from Christ in their bodies. The Bible describes us as spiritually dead and gravely ill without Christ. You should hate and fight your sins in the same way you hate and fight your illness.
  • Secondly, it shows how God can use His power to demonstrate His might. When illness strikes, humans are reminded of their vulnerability. The Bible shows that God can repair your health since He is the ultimate h In times of good health and safety, humans are prone to forgetting fundamental truths. However, the Bible reminds us that we have a responsibility to care for the ill in the same way God does.
  • Sickness re-establishes a relationship between the believer and the utter worth of Jesus Christ. It also reminds us that our attention should never be drawn away from the supreme Christ. Humans will have nothing to lack when everything is taken away,and all that is left is Christ.
  • It reaffirms the grace to be revealed in the future.

Final Words

And that’s a wrap on why Christians get sick. While many people believe that sickness is nothing but a result of your own sins, be sure to trust in Him. Repent for your sins and pray as much as you can. Remember He is the ultimate healer.