when jesus comes back

Exploring the Concept of Jesus’ Return: What Will Happen and How to Prepare

For many Christians, the return of Jesus is a fundamental part of their faith. But what does it mean when Jesus comes back, and how should we prepare for this event? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the concept of Jesus’ return in Christianity, exploring different perspectives on when he’ll come back and the signs and events that will lead up to this momentous event. We’ll also discuss the role of believers in preparing for Jesus’ return, and the impact that his return will have on the world and humanity as a whole. So whether you’re a lifelong Christian or simply curious about exploring this topic, keep reading to learn more.

Understanding the concept of Jesus’s return in Christianity.

when jesus comes back

The concept of Jesus’ return is a fundamental belief in Christianity. It is a promise that He made to His followers before ascending into Heaven, and it serves as the ultimate hope for believers around the world.

According to Christian teachings, Jesus will return at an unknown time to judge the living and the dead. This event is commonly referred to as the “Second Coming,” and it has been prophesied in various passages throughout both Old and New Testaments.

While some may view this concept with fear or uncertainty, Christians see it as a reason for hope and joy. The return of Christ signals an end to suffering, injustice, and pain on earth – ushering in a new era of peace where all believers can live eternally with God.

It’s important to note that there are varying interpretations among different denominations about when exactly Jesus will come back – whether through literal or symbolic means. However, what unites all Christians is their belief that His second coming will happen eventually.

Ultimately though, regardless of one’s specific beliefs about when or how this event will occur – understanding its significance can provide comfort during difficult times while also serving as motivation towards living out our faith until then; loving others well & doing justice work here on earth so we are prepared for his eventual arrival.

Different perspectives on when Jesus will come back exist.

The topic of when Jesus will return is one that has been debated and discussed for centuries within the Christian faith. While there are different perspectives on this matter, what remains constant is the belief in his eventual return.

One perspective is that Jesus will come back at a specific time predicted by scripture. This viewpoint relies heavily on interpreting biblical passages such as Matthew 24:36 which states “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Some believe that this verse indicates a specific point in time when Jesus will return to earth.

Another perspective is known as preterism which suggests that all prophecies regarding Jesus’ second coming were fulfilled during events surrounding Jerusalem’s destruction in AD 70. According to this view, there won’t be any future event where Christ returns physically to Earth.

Lastly some Christians have adopted an approach known as realized eschatology which means they don’t see Christ’s second coming happening literally but rather spiritually within their own lives through personal transformation and growth.

Regardless of these differing views it’s important for Christians to focus on living their daily lives with love and compassion towards others while anticipating his eventual return. It’s also important not get caught up debating over specifics because ultimately what matters most isn’t when he’ll come back but how we’re living our lives until then.

The signs and events leading up to Jesus’s return.

As a youth pastor, I often get asked about the signs and events leading up to Jesus’ return. While we don’t know the exact time or date of his second coming, there are several indications in scripture that suggest it could be soon.

One of the most prominent signs is an increase in natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and wildfires. Jesus himself mentioned these events as being part of “the beginning of birth pains” (Matthew 24:8). This doesn’t mean that every disaster is a direct result of God’s judgment or wrath – but rather that they serve as reminders to us that this world is broken and in need of redemption.

Another sign to look out for is an increase in wars and conflicts around the globe. In Matthew 24:6-7, Jesus says “you will hear rumors of wars…nation will rise against nation.” We can see evidence of this happening today with ongoing political tensions between countries like North Korea and Iran.

Perhaps one lesser-known sign is a rise in false prophets who claim to have secret knowledge about when Jesus will return. In Matthew 24:23-26, he warns us not to be deceived by those claiming they have special insight into God’s plans – because nobody knows except for him!

Lastly, we should keep our eyes open for spiritual deception within our own communities. Second Timothy 4:3 tells us “For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine…they gather around them a great number teachers who say what their itching ears want to hear.” It’s important for believers to stay grounded in truth even if it goes against popular opinion or cultural norms.

In conclusion, while we can’t predict exactly when Jesus will come back – there are clear indicators throughout scripture that suggest it could happen soon. As Christians let us remain vigilant , watchful ,and faithful sothat whenever

The role of believers in preparing for Jesus’s return.

As believers, we are called to prepare for Jesus’ return by living a life that reflects His teachings and values. It is not enough to simply believe in Him; we must actively seek to follow His example and spread His message of love and forgiveness.

One way we can prepare for Jesus’ return is by studying the Bible regularly. The scriptures offer guidance on how to live a righteous life, as well as insight into God’s plan for humanity. By reading and reflecting on these texts, we can deepen our understanding of what it means to be a follower of Christ.


Another important aspect of preparation is community involvement. As members of the Christian faith, it is our duty to serve those around us in need. This could mean volunteering at a local shelter or soup kitchen, or simply reaching out with kindness and compassion towards those who are struggling.

Ultimately, the most important thing believers can do in preparation for Jesus’ return is cultivate an unwavering faith in God’s love and mercy. We must trust that He has a plan for each one of us – one that extends beyond this earthly existence -and remain steadfast even in times of doubt or hardship.

In conclusion, preparing ourselves spiritually through prayerful study & application will help us better understand Christ’s call upon our lives while also allowing us opportunities like service work where tangible benefits arise from following him closely day-to-day; let’s be intentional about following his lead so when he returns again all will know without hesitation where they stand with him before judgement day arrives!

The impact of Jesus’s return on the world and humanity.

The return of Jesus Christ is a highly anticipated event among Christians worldwide. It is believed that his second coming will bring about the final judgment and the end of time as we know it.

For those who follow Jesus, this will be a momentous occasion. The faithful will finally be reunited with their savior, and all wrongs in the world shall be made right.

However, not everyone may share this same sentiment. The Bible tells us that there will be many who reject Jesus even upon his return. These individuals may find themselves facing eternal damnation as they are cast out from God’s presence forevermore.

Despite these potential consequences, Christians continue to eagerly await Christ’s return with open arms. They believe that he alone holds the power to heal our broken world and restore true peace amongst humanity once again.

So what does this mean for those who do not follow Christianity? While some may view it as an apocalyptic event or even outright dismiss it altogether, others see it as an opportunity for spiritual awakening and growth.

Regardless of your personal beliefs on the matter, one thing remains certain: when Jesus comes back – whether you’re ready or not – everything shall change forevermore.


Jesus’ return is an important part of the Christian faith, and its impact on the world and humanity is profound. Whether you believe that it will happen soon or far off in the future, one thing is for certain–we should all be preparing for his arrival! As believers we can do this by increasing our knowledge about Jesus’ return through reading scripture, praying for discernment to recognize signs around us, being kind to others and sincerely loving each other as if today were your last day. To deepen your understanding of when Jesus comes back join my church’s bible study program today!