What is a Lukewarm Christian?

Lukewarm Christianity is a term used to describe people who believe in Jesus Christ but do not live their lives according to the teachings of Jesus. People who live their lives without the guidance of Jesus Christ are sometimes referred to as lukewarm Christians. The term is used to describe people who do not live their entire life by the teachings of Jesus Christ.

What is a Lukewarm Christian?

This could be because they simply do not take the time to read or learn about what Jesus has taught, or they may choose not to follow Jesus’s teachings for other reasons. This is typically seen as an unsatisfactory form of Christianity because it doesn’t involve the commitment that one should have when following Christ.

What Does it Mean to be a Lukewarm Christian?

The word “lukewarm” is defined as relatively warm or moderate, lacking conviction, or being half-hearted. Words like ‘boring’ and ‘disinterested’ are good indicators of what people mean when they use the term lukewarm. When our faith is portrayed this way, it means anxiety or despair concerning the things related to God or spirituality might be stated in this manner.

We don’t look forward to spending time reading God’s Word or spending time with our church family as much as we used to. It’s easy for our prayer time to get stale and monotonous. We also lose interest in obeying God’s commandments — in other words, when our faith is cold, it’s a symptom that our hearts are not where they should be.

Signs of a Lukewarm Christian

Many individuals begin their spiritual journey with great vigor, but as time passes, they lose it. During a church service, some people may appear ecstatic about their newfound faith in Jesus, but as the week progresses, that enthusiasm may wane. Others choose to simply study select sections of the Bible or refuse to follow God’s leading in their lives.

They Go with the Flow

Lukewarm Christians frequently choose what is popular above what is genuinely right when confronted with disagreement. They have a strong desire to be seen as “good” by the church as well as the rest of society. They are more concerned with what other people think of them than they are with what God thinks of their hearts and lives.

Progressive Christians’ Stories Inspire Them Easily

They like reading about other Christians who have done incredible things for Jesus Christ, but they don’t do anything themselves. This is another indicator of a lukewarm Christian. Naturally, they conclude that the ultra-intense or extreme Christians are the only ones who are capable of such bravery and radicalism. But they don’t allow others, the Holy Spirit, or the Bible to counsel them for conviction. Rather, a lukewarm Christian relies on a philosophical and ideological basis when making decisions. Despite their decisions, they anticipate God’s mercy to sustain them.

They are Afraid to Express Their Faith in Fear of Being Judged

Lukewarm Christians are afraid to speak out about their religion amid a group of people who don’t share their views. While it’s common for lukewarm Christians to be fearful of being rejected by the world, it’s even more common for them to avoid discussing God’s truths that don’t fit with the world’s standards.

It’s impossible for a lukewarm Christian who is undecided to choose a side. They’ll try to find a way to avoid having to choose between holiness and worldliness. They try to have the best of both worlds by remaining neutral.

They Pick and Choose Faith to Their Preferences

Those who are lukewarm about the Bible tend to read it with a critical eye. Many Christians forget that the Bible already has a predetermined meaning or purpose behind every word or phrase. Instead, they choose a scripture that is consistent with their preconceptions and worldviews, rather than studying the whole Bible. If that’s the case, they’ll pick and choose the beliefs they hold.

However, lukewarm Christians often think of themselves as good when compared to the rest of society. While they may not be as good for Jesus as any other person they know, they still look down on others around them who aren’t Christians and are content with the fact that they put in a little more effort to be a “decent” person than they did.

They are Comfortable Doing the Bare Minimum

Lukewarm Christians think they’re saved just because they regularly attend church, sing in the choir, participate in small groups, were baptized, were raised in a Christian home, etc. There’s nothing more tragic than a Christian who thinks they can get by just meeting society’s standards for being a “nice” person and that this is enough for God.

They know just what to say to give the impression that they are devout Christians, but in reality, their commitment to God isn’t all-encompassing. They think that they love God, yet when they are invited to do anything for the Lord, they typically have a condition attached to their participation. They’re either too busy to devote themselves to God to the fullest or too bashful to do so, or whatever the reason, there is generally a condition in place.

Our Final Thoughts

Individuals who make a compromise in their commitment to God will become apathetic and lazy, and such people cannot be of much use to the religion. Lukewarm Christians also understand that they are unproductive if they don’t commit fully as they don’t do much to spread the gospel. A weak faith may not be obvious at first glance since it’s a state of mind rather than a physical attribute. In the end, it manifests itself in our priorities, choices, and behavior toward the things of God as time progresses.

The closer we are to God, the more like Him we become. Standing against Him makes it more difficult for us to be convinced to come around to him. Jesus, on the other hand, asserted that a shaky faith puts us in the middle, midway between seeking God and clinging to our power. We end up with a diluted kind of Christianity as a result. Believers who are all in for or all-out against Jesus are typically upfront and honest with themselves and others about their views. In contrast, when Christians are apathetic about their faith, they think themselves to be more God-centered than they are. They’re not the only ones susceptible to deception.