what is a cherub in the bible

Exploring the World of Cherubs in the Bible: Symbolism, Meaning, and Significance

Welcome to our discussion on the fascinating topic of cherubs in the Bible! For those seeking a deeper understanding of the Christian faith, exploring the symbolism and meaning behind these unique beings can provide valuable insight.

what is a cherub in the bible

In this blog post, we will delve into the introduction of cherubs in the Bible, their role in biblical stories and events, and their significance as protectors and guardians. We will also examine the symbolism and meaning of cherubs in biblical art and literature.

Whether you’re a curious newcomer or a seasoned believer seeking a fresh perspective, this discussion will provide valuable insights into the world of cherubs in the Bible. So keep reading to learn more!

An Introduction to Cherubs in the Bible

So, you’ve heard the term “cherub” thrown around in church and Bible studies. But what exactly is a cherub? In the Bible, cherubs are angelic beings that serve as guardians of God’s glory and throne.

Often depicted with wings and multiple faces (such as a lion or eagle), these creatures are mentioned throughout Scripture. In fact, they were present in the Garden of Eden to guard the way to the Tree of Life after Adam and Eve sinned (Genesis 3:24).

Cherubs also played a prominent role in Solomon’s Temple, where they were carved into various parts of its structure including doors, walls, and even on top of the Ark of Covenant.

But beyond their appearance in physical form or artwork lies their spiritual significance. Cherubs symbolize not only God’s power but His holiness – reminding us that we too must strive for purity before Him.

As Christians seeking deeper understanding within our faith journey – learning about cherubs can serve as yet another layer to our knowledge base concerning angels within Biblical text. While not necessarily understood by all due to it being shrouded somewhat in mystery; knowing about such entities may be something worth exploring for those who want more context surrounding Christianity itself!

So next time you come across this intriguing subject matter – don’t shy away from delving deeper into its meaning!

The role of cherubs in Biblical stories and events

Cherubs are often depicted in biblical stories and events as angelic beings with wings and a child-like appearance. They are believed to be among the highest-ranking angels, serving as guardians of God’s throne and messengers between heaven and earth.

In many biblical accounts, cherubs played a significant role in protecting sacred spaces such as the Garden of Eden or the Ark of the Covenant. In Exodus 25:18-22, God instructed Moses to make two golden cherubim that would serve as guardians over the mercy seat on top of the Ark.

Moreover, cherubs were also present in visions seen by prophets such Ezekiel or Isaiah. Their presence was often associated with divine revelation or intervention from God.

Despite their frequent appearances in religious art throughout history, not much is known about these celestial beings beyond their depiction in scripture. However, it is clear that they hold great significance within Christian tradition.

As we seek to deepen our understanding of Christianity and its teachings through exploration of scripture and theological discourse, it can be valuable for us to reflect on these powerful symbols represented by cherubs – reminding us always of our connection to something greater than ourselves.

Cherubim as protectors and guardians in the Bible

Cherubs are fascinating figures in the Bible that serve as protectors and guardians. They are often depicted as having multiple wings, a human-like face, and the body of a lion or bull. In Christianity, cherubs symbolize God’s power and protection over his people.

The word “cherub” is derived from an ancient Hebrew word meaning “to bless.” Cherubs were first mentioned in the book of Genesis when God stationed them at the entrance to Eden to guard against Adam and Eve returning after their expulsion.

Throughout the Bible, cherubs appear as powerful beings that carry out important tasks for God. For example, they were present on top of the Ark of Covenant where they watched over it with great care. They also appeared above Solomon’s Temple during its dedication ceremony.

While many view cherubs only through their depictions in art or popular culture (such as chubby baby angels), there is much more to learn about these divine creatures within biblical texts. Understanding their role can help Christians appreciate how much God cares for them by providing such powerful protectors.

As we continue our journey with Christ, let us remember that like cherubs serving under His watchful eye – He too stands watch over us so we may live protected lives full of blessings from Him!

The symbolism and meaning behind cherubs in Biblical art and literature


Cherubs are a common sight in biblical art and literature, but what do they symbolize and represent? Cherubs are often depicted as angelic beings with wings, chubby faces, and innocent expressions. They have been used to represent divine protection, love, and purity throughout Christian history.

In the Bible, cherubs are mentioned several times in both the Old Testament and New Testament. In Genesis 3:24 they guard the entrance to Paradise after Adam and Eve were expelled from it. In Exodus 25:18-22 they are depicted on top of the Ark of Covenant where God speaks with Moses.

The symbolism behind cherubs is multifaceted – their chubby faces suggest innocence while their wings emphasize spiritual flight or ascension. The presence of multiple pairs of wings suggests that these heavenly creatures move quickly between different planes or dimensions.

But beyond mere aesthetics or physical features lies a deeper meaning behind cherubim in Christian theology – that is their role as guardians over sacred spaces such as temples or holy lands. Their images can be found all over medieval cathedrals where they serve to ward off evil spirits from entering into sacred spaces.

For Christians looking for guidance on how to live a life dedicated to faith-based principles – understanding the symbolism behind Cherubim can provide insight into how one should approach challenges like temptation towards sinfulness while keeping oneself pure-hearted through faith practices like prayerful meditation which helps us connect deeply with our inner selves thereby strengthening our bond with God who we believe created us all out of love.

Conclusion: The significance of cherubs in the Christian faith

Cherubs, or cherubim, are a significant symbol in the Christian faith. These winged creatures are often depicted as guardians of sacred spaces and heavenly beings who praise God.

In the Bible, cherubs first appear in Genesis as they guard the entrance to the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve were banished. Later on, they were carved into statues that adorned Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem. In both instances, cherubs served as protectors of holy places.

Cherubs also hold great significance in Christian art and iconography. They are commonly depicted with childlike features such as chubby cheeks and innocent expressions which represent purity and innocence – qualities many Christians strive for.

But beyond their physical appearance, cherubs also serve a greater purpose within Christianity – to remind believers of God’s presence among us. The Book of Psalms mentions how God “dwells between the wings” of these angelic beings (Psalm 80:1). This serves not only to comfort individuals but also reminds them that they can call upon divine protection whenever needed.

As Christians consider what it means to follow Jesus Christ wholeheartedly today more than ever before; learning about symbols like Cherubim is essential for gaining spiritual insight into our faith journey.

Overall, understanding the significance behind these unique creatures can deepen one’s appreciation for Christianity while providing comfort during trying times in life where we need assistance from divine sources beyond ourselves alone!


Cherubs are an integral part of Christianity, appearing throughout the Bible and representing a powerful symbol in Christian literature. Through their protective presence as guardians, cherubs provide signs of hope for those who seek salvation through faith. In turn, these symbols remain integral to our understanding of what it means to be a Christian today. If you want to learn more about the significance that cherubs play in your own life and faith journey, I encourage you to reach out or join us at our church!