What is a Born Again Christian?

“Born again Christian” is a phrase often misunderstood and misinterpreted. While being born in the human world refers to physical birth, being “born again” primarily references experiencing spiritual renewal. Many Protestants specifically use this term when they fully accept Christianity. You need to have a personal relationship with God to grasp the idea of being “born again.”

What is a Born Again Christian?

What is a Born Again Christian?

On the other hand, Jesus made it clear to all the followers that they will not be able to witness the kingdom of God until they’re born again. He refers to gaining spiritual transformation, not physically being born for the second time.

First Birth vs Second Birth

We have a dying physical body when our human parents give birth to us. Our body consists of a spirit, will, emotion, mind, and soul, making it incapable of connecting with God. By accepting Christ and becoming a member of his family, the spirit of God allows it to enliven it and regenerate it to be born again. This means the first birth of Christians takes place through their parents and the second through God.

However, to have the opportunity of a second birth, one must be born physically. The first birth is prone to sins and wrongdoings; the second birth cleanses the soul and fills it with God’s eternal, divine, and governing life. The first birth brings material riches, and later one brings the blessing of riches with God. Therefore, a born-again Christian is an individual who has faith in Christ after making a physical beginning.

Every Christian who has served God and community as instructed by Jesus and Bible is a born-again Christian. Every Christian’s deeds, speech, and thoughts are for, in, and from Christ.

Will Every Christian Be Born-Again?

The answer to this question is yes! Every good Christian will get the privilege of being part of God’s family forever. However, to see the kingdom of God and be part of his family forever, you must turn to Christ for salvation and apologize for your sins.

By nature, we do not inherit eternal life by itself; we have to earn this right by doing good deeds and following the teachings of Jesus and the Bible. Because of our sins, we aren’t considered as family members of God. However, to keep you out of heaven, even one sin is enough in God’s eyes.

Jesus Christ made it easy for his followers to become part of God’s family by dying for our sins. This means you’re spiritually reborn if you accept Christianity as your faith and become a member of the family of God. To all Christ’s followers, the Bible says, “You have been born again … through the living and enduring word of God” (1 Peter 1:23).

How to be Born Again?

You need the faith of Jesus Christ to be born again. If your life is filled with frustration and confusion, vanity and emptiness, and deadness and oldness, you need guidance and the teachings of Jesus. To give you a new birth, Jesus can bring God’s life into you and enliven you to have a new eternal life in the kingdom of God. Only Jesus has the power to allow you to have a life full of fulfillment in God, purpose, rest, peace, and joy. Hence, to save yourself from eternal death, Lord Jesus can become your savior, and help make you born-again Christian.

What Happens If A Christian Commits Suicide?

You may be prevented from entering the kingdom of God if you commit suicide rather than waiting for your soul to depart naturally. Committing this mortal sin means forfeiting heaven and opting for hell by your own free will. On the other hand, the Catholic perspective acknowledges that a person who commits this sinful act might be suffering from mental health issues and not making rational decisions.

This establishes a distinct line between voluntary suicide and suicide due to psychological factors. Whatever may be the cause of committing suicide, you disassociate yourself from God’s grace, love, and trust. Suicide is considered a horrific act that takes you away from the faith in Jesus.

Catholics state that in the process of the suicidal act, it is then possible that the dying one might regret their actions and ask for God’s mercy. In that case, God can choose to extend his grace and repentance to the dying person just before death and allow him to be born again later.

Why Do I Need To Be Born Again?

You need to be born again to get access to the kingdom of God. If you desire to have eternal life as a family of God, you must adhere to all the teachings of Jesus and follow Bible religiously. As Christians are born again, they get rid of all forms of evilness, selfishness, envy, greed, laziness, pride, and all acts that lead to sin. If your faith lies in the footsteps of Jesus, you must consider being born-again as a mandatory belief.

Our Final Thoughts

A true and genuine Christians must believe that they need to be born again to be close to God as his family and attain eternal life. This cannot happen while living in this world as a physical human being. The kingdom of God has everything of true value, and you get to see things beyond what’s on earth. In eternity and this world, everything that’s truly good lies in God’s kingdom.

Therefore, seeking the kingdom of God is the most rewarding thing a person can get. So, if you wish to see it all and have eternal life with other followers, you’d want to have immense faith as a Christ and stay away from evil.