what a friend we have in jesus lyrics

Discovering the Heart of “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”: A Journey Through the Beloved Hymn’s History and Meaning

“What a Friend We Have in Jesus” is a beloved Christian hymn that has comforted and inspired believers for generations. If you’re curious about the history and meaning behind these iconic lyrics, you’re in the right place.

what a friend we have in jesus lyrics

In this article, we’ll explore the origins of the song, as well as its impact on Christian worship and music. We’ll also share personal testimonies and experiences related to the song, and discuss how it can inspire and encourage believers today.

Whether you’re a long-time Christian or simply curious about the faith, we invite you to join us on this journey of discovery. So grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and keep reading to learn more about the timeless message of “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.”

The history and origin of the lyrics of “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”.

The timeless hymn, “What a Friend We Have in Jesus,” has been a beloved staple of Christian worship for generations. But do you know the history and origin behind its powerful lyrics?

The words were penned by Joseph M. Scriven, an Irish immigrant who experienced tragedy and heartache throughout his life. After losing his fiancée to drowning just before their wedding day, Scriven moved to Canada where he devoted himself to working with the poor and sick.

It was during this time that he wrote the poem that would later become “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.” Originally titled “Pray Without Ceasing,” it was meant as an encouragement to his mother who was ill back in Ireland.

The poem’s message of finding comfort and strength through prayer resonated deeply with others who heard it, eventually leading it to be set to music by Charles Crozat Converse.

Today, the hymn is still sung around the world as a reminder of God’s unwavering love and faithfulness even amidst our struggles and sorrows.

As Christians continue to draw inspiration from these timeless lyrics, let us remember their humble beginnings rooted in one man’s devotion towards comforting those around him with God’s love.

The meaning and message of the lyrics?

The lyrics to “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” are deeply rooted in the Christian faith and convey a message of comfort, hope, and trust. The song reminds us that we can take all our burdens to Jesus through prayer and find solace in His love.

The first verse speaks of the importance of prayer. It encourages us to bring all our troubles to God without hesitation, knowing that He is always there for us. The second verse talks about how Jesus sympathizes with our weaknesses as humans because He too experienced human suffering during His time on earth.

The third verse mentions the peace that comes from surrendering everything to God. When we lay everything at His feet, we can rest assured that He will guide us through life’s challenges. Finally, the fourth verse echoes this sentiment by reminding listeners that they should never be discouraged or feel alone because with Christ as their friend they have access to infinite strength.

Overall, “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” is an uplifting hymn that reassures Christians of their relationship with Christ and offers them comfort when facing difficult times. Through its powerful message conveyed by these timeless lyrics – Christians can find inspiration while navigating their daily lives guided by divine grace

The impact of this hymn on Christian worship and music is immense.

“What a Friend We Have in Jesus” is a beloved hymn that has had a profound impact on Christian worship and music. Its lyrics, written by Joseph M. Scriven in the mid-1800s, have resonated with believers for generations.

The hymn’s message of finding solace and strength in God through prayer has brought comfort to many who have faced difficult times. It reminds us that we are never alone, and that Christ is always there to guide us through life’s challenges.

Not only has “What A Friend We Have In Jesus” been sung countless times during church services around the world, but it has also been recorded by numerous artists across various genres of music. Its timeless message continues to inspire people from all walks of life.

As Christians continue to find ways to express their faith through art and music, “What A Friend We Have In Jesus” remains an enduring classic that speaks directly to our hearts. May its simple yet powerful words continue to uplift our spirits for generations to come.

Personal testimonies and experiences related to the song are.

Personal testimonies and experiences related to the song “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” can offer powerful insights into the profound impact that this hymn has had on believers throughout history. As a youth pastor at a Christian church, I have heard countless stories of how this song has touched people’s hearts and brought them closer to God.

One testimony that stands out is from an elderly woman who had lost her husband of over 50 years. She shared with me how she would sing “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” every day as she grieved his loss. The lyrics reminded her that even though her earthly companion was gone, she still had an unwavering friend in Jesus who would never leave her side.


Another experience comes from a young man who struggled with addiction for years before finding solace in Christianity. He recounted how singing this hymn during worship services helped him feel connected to something greater than himself and gave him hope for the future.

These personal testimonies highlight the universal message of comfort and support found within the lyrics of “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.” Whether going through times of joy or sorrow, believers can find peace knowing that they have an unchanging friend in Christ who will always be there for them.

In conclusion, personal testimonies related to “What a Friend We Have In Jesus” serve as powerful reminders of its enduring relevance across generations. This timeless hymn offers comfort and reassurance when we need it most – reminding us all that we are not alone on our spiritual journey towards salvation.

How can the song inspire and encourage believers today?

The lyrics of the beloved hymn, “What A Friend We Have in Jesus,” have the power to inspire and encourage believers today. This timeless song speaks to our hearts with its message of hope and comfort in times of trouble.

As we sing these words, we are reminded that no matter what challenges we face, Jesus is always there for us as a faithful friend. He understands our struggles and offers us His love and support when we need it most.

Through this song, believers can find strength to persevere through difficult circumstances knowing that they are never alone. The lyrics provide a reminder that with Christ as our friend, all things are possible.

So let us continue singing this beautiful hymn with joy in our hearts knowing that it has the power to uplift us even on our darkest days. Let us hold fast to the truth found within its verses – that Jesus loves each one of us unconditionally and is always there for those who call upon Him.


In conclusion, we can see that “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” is more than just a song. It’s an anthem of faith and assurance that speaks directly to believers today. From its origins over two centuries ago, the lyrics continue to inspire and encourage people with their message of grace and hope. If you want to learn more about Christianity or are seeking encouragement from the Lord, this hymn is sure to provide it for you! Be sure join our church so that together we can celebrate God’s everlasting love through praise and worship!