meaning of fearfully and wonderfully made

Discovering the True Meaning of “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”: A Guide for Curious Christians

Have you heard the phrase “fearfully and wonderfully made” before? It’s a powerful statement found in the Bible that holds significant meaning for Christians. But what does it really mean? And how can we apply it to our everyday lives?

meaning of fearfully and wonderfully made

In this article, we’ll explore the biblical context of the phrase and its significance in Christianity. We’ll also delve into ways to embrace and live out the concept of being fearfully and wonderfully made, and how it can impact our daily lives.

Whether you’re a lifelong Christian or simply curious about the phrase, this article is for you. So continue reading to discover the true meaning of being fearfully and wonderfully made.

Understanding the phrase “Fearfully and wonderfully made.”

The phrase “fearfully and wonderfully made” is a powerful reminder of the beauty and value that each person holds. In Christianity, this phrase comes from Psalm 139:14 which reads, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

To understand this phrase fully, it’s important to break down its meaning. The word “fearfully” does not mean scared or frightened in this context; rather it means being filled with awe or reverence for something. It acknowledges the divine presence in our creation- we were created with intentionality by God.

The word “wonderfully” refers to the complexity and intricacy of our design. Each human being has been crafted uniquely with different physical features, personality traits, gifts and talents – all intentionally placed within us by God.

This verse reminds us that we have inherent worth as individuals through God’s love for us- no matter what anyone else may say or believe about themselves at any given point in time! Knowing that one is “fearfully” (with awe) & “wonderfully” (intricately designed) made can help combat low self-esteem as it reinforces one’s place in life.

As Christians we can find comfort knowing who created us & why they did so specifically- each individual was meant to be here on earth living out their purpose according to their unique gifts & calling from God!

So next time you hear someone use the term “fearfully and wonderfully made,” remember its true meaning: a testament to how special each person truly is!

The biblical context of the phrase is.

The phrase “fearfully and wonderfully made” is a beautiful and powerful statement that holds deep meaning in the Christian faith. This phrase comes from Psalm 139:14, where King David reflects on the incredible intricacy of human life.

As a youth pastor at a Christian church, it’s important to understand the biblical context of this phrase. It speaks to God’s divine plan for each and every one of us, as well as His unwavering love and care for His creation.

When we think about being fearfully made, it doesn’t mean that God wants us to be afraid or timid. Rather, it means that He created us with awe-inspiring complexity – both physically and emotionally – so much so that we should stand in reverence before Him.

And when we think about being wonderfully made, it means exactly what it sounds like! Each one of us has unique gifts and talents bestowed upon us by our Creator. We are all part of His grand design; no two people are alike or without purpose.

So why does this matter? Understanding our worth in the eyes of God can help give direction to our lives. When we recognize how fearfully (complexly) but wonderfully (uniquely) we have been crafted by God Himself – then not only do you feel empowered – but also inspired towards fulfilling your divine purpose!

In conclusion- As Christians , let’s embrace these words wholeheartedly: Fearfully & Wonderfully Made!

The significance of being fearfully and wonderfully made in Christianity is immense.

As a youth pastor at a Christian church, I am often asked about the meaning behind the phrase “fearfully and wonderfully made.” This powerful statement comes from Psalm 139:14, where King David praises God for creating him in such an awe-inspiring way.

To be fearfully and wonderfully made means that we are crafted with care and purpose by our Creator. It reminds us that we are not accidents or mistakes, but rather intentional creations of God’s love. Each individual is unique and has been given their own set of talents, passions, and gifts to share with the world.

This phrase also calls us to embrace ourselves just as we are – flaws included. We do not need to strive for perfection or compare ourselves to others because each person has their own journey in life. Our differences make us beautiful in our own right.

Being fearfully and wonderfully made also carries a responsibility – one of stewardship over our bodies, minds, emotions, relationships – everything that makes up who we are as individuals created by God’s handiwork.


So let this truth sink deep into your heart today: you were fearfully and wonderfully made; created with divine intentionality!

How to embrace and live out the concept of being fearfully and wonderfully made?

The concept of being fearfully and wonderfully made is a beautiful truth that every Christian should embrace. It speaks to the idea that each of us was created with intention, care, and purpose by our loving Creator.

To live out this concept, we must first understand what it means. The phrase comes from Psalm 139:14 which says “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

Being fearfully made means acknowledging the power and majesty of God who crafted us in His image. We are not random accidents or mistakes but rather intentional creations formed by a loving God who knows us intimately.

Being wonderfully made refers to the unique gifts, talents, and abilities that God has given each one of us. We are all special in our own way with something valuable to contribute to this world.

Living out this truth requires embracing ourselves for who we truly are – flaws included – while also recognizing the inherent value in others as fellow creations of God. We must celebrate diversity while also finding unity in our shared identity as children of God.

As Christians let’s strive every day to live out the reality that we were created fearfully and wonderfully by an awesome Creator who loves us deeply. Let’s embrace ourselves fully while extending grace towards others so they too can experience the freedom found in knowing their true worth before their Heavenly Father.

Applying the meaning of “fearfully and wonderfully made” to everyday life.

The phrase “fearfully and wonderfully made” is a popular biblical verse that refers to the way in which God created us. As Christians, we believe that we are all unique and special creations of God’s, designed with purpose and intention. But what does this mean for our everyday lives?

Firstly, it means that we should never underestimate our own worth or value. We are not accidents or mistakes; rather, each of us has been carefully crafted by the hands of our Creator. This should give us confidence in ourselves and help us to see ourselves as valuable members of society.

Secondly, understanding the meaning behind being fearfully and wonderfully made can also shape how we view others around us. If every person has been intentionally created by God with their own unique gifts and talents, then it follows that everyone deserves respect and love.

This concept can also inspire gratitude within us for the blessings in our lives – from physical attributes like health or beauty to more abstract qualities like intelligence or creativity – knowing they were given to you through divine intent.

In essence then – being fearfully & wonderfully made speaks directly into who you are – your identity as a beloved child of God who is capable & gifted beyond measure! Embrace yourself fully knowing its divinely inspired!


It is a beautiful thing to understand the deeper meaning behind being fearfully and wonderfully made. Knowing that we have been created uniquely in God’s image encourages us to go out and find purpose, joy, and contentment in our everyday lives. To further your journey of discovery with Christianity, join our church today!