How to Know Jesus More Deeply

Looking for ways to know Jesus more deeply? Everyone knows who Jesus is, but only a few know him deeply enough to feel a connection with Christ.

How to Know Jesus More Deeply

This blog post will discuss how to get to know Jesus more deeply. It can be tough to grow closer to someone we don’t know very well, but with a little effort, we can all learn more about who Jesus is and what he’s done for us.

Who Is Jesus?

Jesus Christ is the central figure of Christianity, and his teachings have profoundly impacted the world.

Most of what we know about Jesus comes from the Bible, a collection of ancient texts his followers wrote. The Gospels, the four main books of the New Testament, contain the most information about Jesus’ life and teachings.

According to the Gospels, Jesus was born in Bethlehem around 4 BCE. His parents were Mary and Joseph, from the Jewish town of Nazareth. As a young man, Jesus began preaching throughout Judea and Galilee, calling people to repent of their sins and turn to God.

Around 30 CE, Jesus moved to Jerusalem, where his teachings caused friction with the city’s religious authorities. This eventually led to his arrest and execution by crucifixion. However, Jesus’ followers believed that he had risen from the dead, and they continued to spread his message throughout the world.

Today, over 1.2 billion Christians follow Jesus’ teachings worldwide.

Understanding Jesus More Deeply

We all have different levels of understanding regarding who Jesus is. However, there is always more that can be learned. Here are five ways that can help us understand Jesus more deeply.

Read About Him in the Scriptures

There are many ways to know Jesus more deeply. One way is to read about him in the Scriptures. When we read about Jesus in the Scriptures, we learn about his character and how he interacted with people. We can also see how he responded to difficult situations. This helps us understand him better and see how we can follow his example in our lives.

The word “Scriptures” means holy writings. The Bible is a collection of 66 books about God, his Son Jesus Christ, and how to live as God wants us to.

Pray Believing that He is Listening to You

When we pray, it is important to remember that Jesus is listening. He hears our prayers and knows our hearts. Praying believing that Jesus is listening helps us to understand him more deeply.

When we pray, we are talking to God. We are asking him for things and telling him how we feel. Prayer is a two-way conversation. When we pray to believe that Jesus is listening, we are more likely to hear from him.

Prayer is an important part of our relationship with God. It is how we talk to him and how we listen to him. We can learn more about his character and his will for our lives when we pray, believing that he is listening.

Read the Bible

The Bible is God’s letter to us. It is His story of how He has pursued a relationship with us from the beginning of time. It is also our instruction manual for living a life that pleases Him. When we read the Bible, we are getting to know Jesus more deeply.

One way to get to know Jesus more deeply is to read the Bible to understand who He is. We can ask questions like: What kind of person is Jesus? What does He care about? What are His values? How does He treat others? As we read, we should look for answers to these questions.

Another way to get to know Jesus more deeply is to read the Bible to understand what He did for us. We can ask questions like: Why did Jesus die on the cross? What does His death mean for me? While getting straightforward answers is unlikely, the Bible talks about the attributes of Jesus, which can tell us the motive behind his actions.

Listen to the Word

To know Jesus more deeply, we must listen to His word. By doing so, we can learn more about His character, desires, and plans for our lives. When we understand Him more fully, we can follow Him more closely.

Listening to Jesus doesn’t mean simply reading the Bible. We can also listen to Him through prayer, worship, and communing with other believers. As we spend time with Him in these ways, we get to know Him better and grow in our relationship with Him.

As we grow closer to Jesus, our lives will begin to reflect His righteousness and love. We will have a greater desire to please Him and obey His commands. As we come to know Him more intimately, He will transform us into His image until the day we see Him face-to-face.

Apply His Teaching and Attributes to Your Life


Last but not least, the simplest thing you can do to understand Jesus better is to apply His teaching and attributes to your life. Doing so will show how He lived His life and what He stood for. Additionally, by understanding His attributes, you will be able to understand Him more personally.

One of the best ways to apply His teaching and attributes to your life is by living as per the Bible. This means following Jesus’ example in everything you do and say. Additionally, it means studying the Bible regularly so that you can learn more about what He said and did.

It is also important to remember that Jesus was human, just like us. This means that He experienced all of the same emotions that we do. As such, we can learn much about Him by studying how He reacted to different situations.

Our Final Thoughts

Getting to know Jesus more deeply is a process that takes intentionality and time. It’s not something that can happen overnight. But as we take the time to get to know Him more deeply, we find He is worth all our time. He is a good friend, a loving Savior, and someone who knows us better than we could ever hope to know ourselves. So take the time to get to know Him, and you will be glad you did.