Christianity in Réunion

Exploring Christianity in Réunion: A Guide for Christian Youth Pastors and Curious Believers

Greetings fellow Christians! Today, we’ll be exploring Christianity in Réunion, an island located in the Indian Ocean. Home to a diverse population and a rich cultural history, Réunion provides a fascinating look into the role of Christianity in a different part of the world.

Christianity in Réunion

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the religious landscape of Réunion, with topics including the history of Christianity on the island, the various denominations and churches represented, and the unique practices and traditions observed by Christians in Réunion. We’ll also examine the broader cultural and societal impact of Christianity on the island.

Whether you’re a curious Christian wanting to learn more about the faith in a different part of the world, or a youth pastor looking to teach your congregation about Christianity outside your own comfort zone, this article is the perfect guide. So without further ado, let’s explore Christianity in Réunion together!

An Introduction to Réunion and Its Religious Landscape.

Réunion is a beautiful island located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. It is an overseas department of France and has a diverse population with many different religious beliefs. One dominant faith on the island is Christianity, which was introduced by French missionaries during colonization.

Christianity in Réunion comprises mainly Catholicism and Protestantism, with smaller groups such as Jehovah’s Witnesses and Seventh-day Adventists present as well. The Catholic Church has a significant influence on the religious landscape of Réunion, with nearly 80% of Christians identifying as Catholics.

The history of Christianity in Réunion dates back to the arrival of French settlers who brought their religion along with them. In 1665, Bishop François Pallu established his mission on the island to spread Christianity among slaves who were brought from Africa for labor purposes.

Today, Christian churches can be found throughout Réunion Island serving their respective communities through prayer services and social programs aimed at improving people’s lives. These churches also play an essential role in preserving local customs while adapting to modern times.

It should be noted that despite its strong Christian presence; other religions are present too – including Hinduism – due to immigration patterns throughout history from India into this region which happened heavily around 1860s onwards

As we continue our journey exploring different cultures around the world through our faith lens let us not forget that love knows no boundaries or borders!

The History of Christianity in Réunion.

The history of Christianity in Réunion is one that is both rich and complex. This beautiful island located in the Indian Ocean has a diverse religious landscape, with Christianity being one of the major faiths practiced by its inhabitants.

Christianity was introduced to Réunion by French missionaries who arrived on the island in the 17th century. These missionaries were instrumental in spreading the Gospel among local populations, and many people converted to Christianity as a result.

Over time, different Christian denominations began to establish themselves on Réunion. The Catholic Church became particularly influential, with many schools and hospitals being established under their auspices. Today, Catholicism remains one of the dominant forms of Christianity practiced on this island paradise.

However, other Christian denominations have also gained significant followings over time. Protestantism has grown steadily since it was first introduced to Réunion during colonial times; today there are several Protestant churches scattered throughout this small but vibrant community.

Despite differences among various Christian sects living on this tropical oasis known for its stunning beaches and warm hospitality (not unlike what you find at youth group retreats), Christians here share common beliefs about Jesus Christ as Savior from sin through His death upon Calvary’s cross followed by His resurrection three days later making Him Lord over life itself! Here Christians live out their faith every day through acts of kindness and service toward others around them – whether they be friends or strangers alike!

In conclusion, despite ongoing challenges facing believers amid global persecution against those who profess faith publicly without fear or shame including martyrdom when necessary – Christians living within Réunion remain steadfastly committed followers continuing outreach efforts locally while praying fervently for God’s continued protection enabling them not only survive but thrive amidst ever-increasing secular humanist ideologies seeking eradicate all vestiges Judeo-Christian principles from society altogether!

Denominations and churches in Réunion

Réunion Island, located in the Indian Ocean, is a French overseas department where Christianity is the predominant religion. This beautiful island has a diverse culture with different Christian denominations and churches.

The Catholic Church has played a vital role in Réunion’s history since colonisation by France. Today, it remains one of the most prominent denominations on the island with many impressive cathedrals and basilicas that attract thousands of visitors each year.

Protestantism also plays an essential role in Christianity on Réunion Island. The Anglican church is present on this island as well as Methodist and Baptist congregations which have been established for more than 150 years.

Other smaller Christian groups such as Seventh-day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Pentecostals are also found here while independent churches continue to emerge throughout Réunion Island.


Despite these differences among various Christian denominations found here – there is still unity among Christians who share their faith through numerous religious activities like prayer meetings or Bible studies which foster spiritual growth within individuals from all walks of life regardless if they are French natives or migrants hailing from elsewhere around this globe.

As Christians we must celebrate our diversity while embracing our similarities; it’s important to remember that we all serve one God despite having different interpretations regarding scripture & belief systems based upon them- so let us come together united under Christ!

Christian practices and traditions in Réunion

Christianity in Réunion is a unique blend of French, Indian, African and Malagasy influences. The island’s rich cultural heritage has greatly influenced the practices and traditions of Christianity on the island.

One significant aspect of Christian practice in Réunion is the strong emphasis on community. Church services are often lively affairs with singing, dancing and communal prayer. Christians gather together to support one another through times of joy and sorrow alike.

Another important tradition is that of pilgrimage to Notre-Dame de la Salette shrine located in Petit-Ile which attracts thousands each year commemorating an apparition occurred there back 1846! This tradition speaks to the deep faith held by many Christians on the island.

The Catholic Church holds a dominant position among Christian denominations but other Protestant groups also exist within Réunion’s religious landscape including Seventh-Day Adventist churches or Pentecostal ones across small villages around Saint-Joseph commune for instance!

In addition to traditional practices such as prayer and worship services, many Christian communities engage in social outreach programs aimed at helping those most vulnerable within their localities like feeding initiatives or homeless shelters that tackle poverty issues plaguing some parts where unemployment rates remain high despite efforts made by government institutions over recent years

Overall, Christianity continues to play a vital role in shaping life on this beautiful tropical paradise known as Reuinon Island!

The role of Christianity in Réunion’s culture and society.

Christianity has played a significant role in shaping the culture and society of Réunion, an island located in the Indian Ocean. The French colony was first introduced to Christianity by Protestant missionaries during the 19th century, followed by Catholicism which became dominant on the island.

Today, Christianity is deeply ingrained in Réunion’s culture and society. It is evident through its numerous churches that dot the landscape of this beautiful island paradise. Worship services are attended by locals as well as tourists who come to experience traditional Christian hymns sung in Creole.

One way that Christianity has impacted Réunion’s culture is through its emphasis on family values and community service. Christians on this island have organized various outreach programs such as food drives for impoverished communities or building homes for those who are homeless.

Furthermore, many social events including weddings and funerals are heavily influenced by Christian customs such as prayer before meals or burial rites performed by priests.

Despite its positive impact on Réunionese society, some have criticized how Westernized versions of Christianity have been imposed upon indigenous cultures around the world. However, local pastors aim to incorporate traditional practices with modern interpretations of biblical teachings – leaving room for cultural diversity while still honoring their faith traditions.

Overall, it can be said that Christianity plays a crucial role in shaping not only Réunion’s identity but also how people understand themselves within their community context – promoting compassion towards others regardless if they share similar beliefs or not!


Christianity has been a major part of Réunion’s history, culture and society for many centuries. It continues to be an important aspect of life today as there are numerous churches and denominations that have made their mark on the island. Whether you are visiting or living in Réunion, it is useful to become familiar with the different Christian practices and traditions so as to better understand its religious landscape. As a Christian youth pastor, I highly encourage young people everywhere to learn more about Christianity in RéUnion by joining our church or taking part in local activities linked with our faith!