Christianity in Bhutan

Exploring Christianity in Bhutan: Challenges and Opportunities for Evangelism

Welcome to this article about the fascinating world of Christianity in Bhutan. Bhutan, with its unique religious landscape, is a country that has attracted the attention of many in recent years. As Christians, we are called to spread the Gospel to all corners of the world, and this article will introduce you to the challenges and opportunities of doing so in Bhutan.

Christianity in Bhutan

In this article, we will first explore the introduction of Bhutan and its religious landscape. Then, we will delve into the history of Christianity in Bhutan, focusing on the challenges that Christians have encountered in a predominantly Buddhist country. However, we will also highlight the growth and impact of Christianity in Bhutan.

As Christians, we are called to face challenges and be agents of change. So, we will conclude by discussing the future of Christianity in Bhutan, and what we can do to foster growth and sustain impact in the country that is known for its impressive Gross National Happiness.

If you are a Christian curious about spreading the Gospel to Bhutan, continue reading to understand its unique environment and potential evangelistic opportunities.

An Introduction to Bhutan and Its Religious Landscape

It is important to note that Bhutan, known for its stunning natural beauty and unique cultural identity, is a predominantly Buddhist country. Christianity only makes up a small fraction of the population.

As Christians, it is essential to understand and respect the religious landscape of other countries. In Bhutan, Buddhism has been deeply ingrained in society for centuries and plays an integral role in shaping the country’s traditions and beliefs.

Despite this dominant presence of Buddhism, Christianity has gained some foothold in recent years through missionary work by various organizations. However, due to strict laws on proselytizing religion outside of Buddhism, Christian communities are relatively small compared to other parts of the world.

That being said, it does not mean that Christians are unwelcome or persecuted in Bhutan. The government recognizes freedom of religion as a fundamental right and respects all religions equally.

As Christian youth pastors seeking to educate our youth about global Christianity trends around the world – we must remember that diversity should be celebrated rather than feared or shunned away from – because every culture comes with their own unique perspective on spirituality which can broaden our understanding about God’s love for humanity!

The History of Christianity in Bhutan

The history of Christianity in Bhutan is a fascinating and complex one, filled with both triumphs and challenges. For centuries, the kingdom of Bhutan was closed off to outside influence, including Christian missionaries. It wasn’t until the 20th century that Christianity began to take root in this predominantly Buddhist country.

Missionaries from various denominations first arrived in Bhutan during the mid-1900s, but they faced many obstacles as they sought to spread their message. The government was suspicious of outsiders and actively discouraged any attempts at conversion. As a result, many early Christian missionaries were forced to operate covertly or risk expulsion.

Despite these challenges, however, Christianity continued to grow in Bhutan over time. Today there are several active churches throughout the country with congregations made up of both locals and expatriates.

One notable aspect of Christianity’s history in Bhutan has been its ability to adapt and evolve alongside local customs and traditions. Many churches incorporate elements from Buddhism into their services or hold joint events with Buddhist temples as a way of promoting interfaith dialogue.

Overall, the story of Christianity in Bhutan serves as an inspiring reminder that faith can thrive even under difficult circumstances when believers remain committed to sharing their message with others no matter what obstacles may stand before them.

The challenges faced by Christians in Bhutan

For Christians living in Bhutan, practicing their faith can be a challenge. The country is predominantly Buddhist, and the government has strict regulations on religious practices. Christians are often viewed with suspicion and face discrimination from both the government and society.

One of the biggest challenges for Christians in Bhutan is finding a place to worship. There are no churches or formal places of worship for non-Buddhists, so many believers gather secretly in homes or other private spaces. This creates fear among believers who worry about being discovered by authorities.

Another challenge faced by Christians in Bhutan is access to religious materials and resources. Bibles and other Christian literature are not readily available, so believers must rely on smuggling these materials into the country or using online resources that may not always be reliable.

Despite these challenges, many Christians remain committed to their faith and continue to practice it quietly but fervently. They find strength through prayer, fellowship with other believers (where possible), and sharing their testimonies with others who may be interested in learning more about Christianity.

As a youth pastor myself,I believe it’s important for young people around the world to learn about how different cultures view religion,and this includes understanding what our fellow brothers/sisters face when they choose Christianity as their path.I hope this article serves as an eye-opener not just for those who practice Christianity,but also anyone curious enough,to view things from another perspective altogether!

The growth and impact of Christianity in Bhutan


The growth and impact of Christianity in Bhutan is a fascinating topic that deserves our attention. Although the religion has faced numerous challenges, including persecution and discrimination, the number of Christians in this Himalayan kingdom has been steadily increasing over the past few decades.

One reason for this growth is the tireless efforts of Christian missionaries who have worked hard to spread their message throughout Bhutan. They have established churches and other religious organizations, providing support to those seeking spiritual guidance.

Despite facing opposition from both government authorities and some members of society, Christianity continues to thrive in Bhutan. This can be attributed to its powerful message of love, compassion and forgiveness that resonates with many people across different cultures.

Moreover, Christians are actively involved in various social initiatives aimed at improving living conditions within communities across Bhutan. These include education programs for children who otherwise would not receive an education as well as healthcare services through medical missions which provide vital care where it’s needed most.

In conclusion, while Christianity still faces challenges in Bhutan such as limited freedom to practice openly or build new places of worship without a permit from local authorities – there is no doubt that its influence on society can be seen everywhere one looks today! For Christian youth pastors looking for inspiration while sharing their faith globally – they need only look towards this small yet vibrant country nestled between India and China where God’s love knows no boundaries!

Conclusion: The future of Christianity in Bhutan

As a Christian youth pastor, I understand that Christianity in Bhutan faces unique challenges and opportunities. This small Himalayan kingdom has long been known for its isolationist policies and strict adherence to Buddhism.

Despite these challenges, the future of Christianity in Bhutan is bright. The number of Christians in Bhutan has steadily grown over the years, with estimates suggesting there are now around 10,000 followers of Christ living within its borders.

While this may seem like a small number compared to other countries, it’s important to remember that Christianity is still relatively new to Bhutan. It was only in 1965 when the first Protestant missionaries arrived on its shores.

One reason for this growth can be attributed to the efforts of local churches and international organizations who have worked tirelessly to bring awareness about Jesus Christ into communities throughout the country. Through education programs aimed at both children and adults alike as well as outreach initiatives such as medical clinics and disaster relief efforts – these groups have helped pave a way forward for Christian faith expression within this predominantly Buddhist nation.

However, there are still many obstacles facing those who choose to follow Jesus Christ openly in Bhutan today. One such obstacle is government regulation which prohibits proselytizing or evangelism activities by non-Buddhist religious groups within state borders – making it difficult if not impossible for Christians seeking freedom from persecution or harassment due their beliefs alone.

Despite these challenges though – we must remain hopeful! As long as believers continue sharing God’s love through acts of kindness towards others regardless if they share your same belief system or not; then surely we will see more hearts open up towards accepting Jesus into their lives here too just like anywhere else around our world where religions coexist together peacefully without causing any harm onto each other whatsoever!


It is clear that Christianity has had a long and complex history in Bhutan. Despite the challenges faced, there are encouraging signs of growth within the Christian community. As we look to the future, it will be interesting to see how Christianity continues to impact and shape religious life in Bhutan. Whatever comes next for these Christians, let us stand with them as they courageously pursue God’s calling on their lives. Join us in lifting up prayers of support for all who seek after Jesus Christ!