The 13 Best Places to Live for Conservative Christians

You might be a conservative if you prefer a more traditional lifestyle and stick to your guns on most matters. One of the best places to live in the United States for a conservative Christian is Washington, D.C. This article discusses some cities awash in American flags and backyard barbecues. They are guaranteed to satiate your need for a simpler, more conservative way of life.

Best Places to Live for Conservative Christians

The 13 Best Places to Live for Conservative Christians

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the very best places to live for conservative Christians in the United States.

1. Phoenix, Arizona

It’s no surprise that Arizona’s capital city, Phoenix, tops our list because of its reputation as a conservative bastion. In 1881, Phoenix was founded as a conservative city, and it has been ever since.

There are approximately 500 square miles of farmland and churches in this city, which is why it is so spread out. A dense suburbia hosts the most population. There are a large number of hardworking Christian people who are willing to battle to maintain what they have.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas is a place where anything goes. Even though it is supposed to be the “Sin City” of the world, it has one of the highest concentrations of conservative Christians in the US, many of whom belong to the Latter-Day Saints, a Mormon church.

Las Vegas has a population of more than 600,000 people in a very limited area. It means that conservatives can be found in abundance. Conservatives in this region are known for their activism and proclivity for voting to safeguard their way of life.

3. Birmingham, Alabama

The southern beauty and legacy of Birmingham can be found in its people and culture. Traditionalism and the desire to keep the government at a distance are core ideals held dear by those who identify with the conservative political party. In Birmingham, you’ll find a lot of people with this outlook.

Birmingham, a railroad and mining town, was once a thriving community of dedicated men and women. The low unemployment rate in this historic southern city can be attributed to the fact that the majority of its residents are hard workers who make do with what they’ve got. Birmingham is no exception to the conservative nature of the state of Alabama.

4. Asheboro, North Carolina

Asheboro isn’t any smaller than any other town in North Carolina. There is a strong sense of American pride and patriotism in these hardworking individuals from the small village.

Asheboro has a lot of low-paying, blue-collar employment opportunities; however, it’s the people who live there that make it special. In 2012, Mitt Romney won more than 70% of the vote and is still hailed as a hero by many in his hometown.

5. Bristol, Tennessee

Bristol, a conservative stronghold in the heart of the Volunteer State, has consistently cast its ballot for the conservative candidate in each of the previous four elections. In Bristol, veterans and the American flag are cherished and revered.

This town claims to be the origin of country music, and it takes it very seriously. This historic town hosts NASCAR races and mud fights on a regular basis throughout the dog days of summer while they wait for the fall to vote to keep their way of life in place.

6. Brandon, Mississippi

Since the early 1970s, Brandon, a small Mississippi town near Jackson, has voted exclusively for the Republicans. This city has seen a tremendous increase in population because of its small-town attractiveness with big-city advantages.

Boating, picnic spaces, and campers are all available at the Ross Barnett Reservoir to cool down during the sweltering summer months. The city’s police force works tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of its citizens. The majority of the residents are devout Christians who adhere to the traditional morals and traditions of their community.

7. Columbus, Nebraska

Nebraska town sits on a bluff overlooking the Platte River. The several hydroelectric facilities along the riverfront provide the community with a steady supply of renewable energy. As Columbus’ slogan goes, “The City of Power and Progress” is a source of great pride for the city.

This community is highly proud of its American roots and hosts a number of memorials to veterans. Columbus, like many little towns in the Midwest, began as a railroad town and became a haven for hardworking, honest people. In Columbus, patriotism and hospitality are regarded highly.

8. Burleson, Texas

Burleson, a town in Texas’ pleasant Northeast corner, has supported the Republican Party for more than 40 years. Most people in Burleson own their own homes. This sense of self-sufficiency is highly valued.

Burleson residents are noted for their willingness to help those in need, despite the town’s emphasis on self-sufficiency. This hamlet stands out because of its sweltering summers and arduous labor. Throughout the years, Burleson has sent numerous young men to battle for the United States of America.

9. Wichita, Kansas

Wichita is considered the largest city in the state. Over 55% of voters in Wichita cast ballots for the Republican candidate in the last election. When most people think of farmers, they think of Kansas, and when they think of conservatives, they think of the state’s population. Wichita is surrounded by a large community of Christian farmers devoted to their faith.

10. Benton, Arkansas

If you’re looking for a quiet, conservative community, look no farther than Benton. There are several small businesses owned and operated by residents, veterans, and farmers. The Fourth of July is always a big deal for the guys, and Friday night is always football night. There is a sense of community in Benton, and people are eager to meet new people like you.

11. Sterling, Alaska

Sterling is home to a diverse population of hard-working, patriotic individuals who place high importance on their individual liberties. Oil and gas development is a stronghold for conservatives in the area.

12. Aurora, Colorado

Denver Aurora is one of the most conservative cities in the country. It is located in the state of Colorado. Aurora’s neighboring city, Denver, is a liberal bastion, but Aurora is conservative to the core.

13. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa is situated on the Arkansas River’s green bank. This is just another example of a city created on the backs of conservatives who worked hard in the oil company in their area to make their city a wonderful addition to the world. There are many parks where you can relax and enjoy the Fourth of July celebrations while remembering your predecessors’ sacrifices in the suburbs.

Final Words

And that’s a wrap on Best Places to Live for Conservative Christians. You can move to the cities mentioned in this article to practice your religious beliefs in peace.