Best Gifts for Christian Boyfriends

It’s time to spoil your significant other, and if he’s a devoted Christian, you’re in luck. This man probably understands the value of gift-giving better than anyone else. Therefore, it’s only reasonable to play your part and reciprocate by doing the same. The best gifts for Christian boyfriends are simply those that remind them of their place in your life and their duty towards God. However, if you find yourself lost among various articles online, don’t worry because this one has you completely covered.

The 8 Best Gifts for Christian Boyfriends

Best Gifts for Christian Boyfriends

Here are some unique yet meaningful gifts that fit not only every age group but also every budget. It doesn’t matter whether there’s an occasion at hand or not. These items make great gifts for your godly man regardless.

1. Bible Verse Keychain

There’s nothing a man values more than his car. However, anything even remotely related to a car accessory also qualifies for his care. It doesn’t matter what occasion it is. This keychain engraved with a beautiful saying will be enough to motivate him to give it his utmost care and attention.

This personalized gift item is not only budget-friendly but also deeply valuable for someone who likes to involve God in every sphere of his life.

2. Psalm Credit Card Holder

If your man is particularly paranoid about his credit card information getting leaked, then this one will make just the right gift for him. Since most men prefer practical gifts over anything else, your Christian boyfriend will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness as the cover isn’t only protective but also covered in a beautiful verse.

3. Personalized Handkerchief

What’s so great about gifting someone a handkerchief? Probably nothing, but when it comes engraved with signs of someone’s faith, it automatically becomes all the more valuable and attractive.

After all, a handkerchief is one of the most basic necessities of any pocket or purse, and when your Christian boyfriend often finds himself without one when he needs it the most, that’s where it will come in handy. What’s even better? It also works as a bandana, making for a nice style statement within a practical choice.

4. Serenity Prayer Necklace

If your boyfriend is the kind who likes flaunting chains, this will make a wonderful gift for him. Engraved with beautiful words such as “Serenity,” “Courage,” and “Wisdom,” this serenity prayer necklace will surely bring him loads of comfort.

It will reassure him knowing that someday, God will grant him the wisdom to lead life, the courage to change whatever he can, and of course, serenity to accept things he can’t change. After all, it isn’t one of the best gifts for Christian boyfriends for its quality alone.

5. Stand Strong: 365 Devotions for Men by Men

If you wish to help your man grow in his faith, this devotional can help you take the first step. It’s inevitable to come across challenges and stress in your daily life, but this small book with several renowned Christian speakers and writers can do wonders in redirecting his focus on things that matter, even if they cannot be seen. Every day, he will have something new to look forward to.

6. The Dad Joke Book

Who doesn’t look forward to having a good laugh? Even if it’s as a response to some of the corniest jokes of the era. Sure, this may not make it to the top of your list when it comes to buying a valuable gift for your boyfriend, but going out of your comfort zone every once in a while, will help him appreciate you more.

After all, you cared enough to give him a source of laughter. These gut-groaners and eye-rollers will have your kids laughing even for awful reasons. Jokes about youth group leaders and retiring pastors are never not funny.

7. Bearded Gospel Men Book

It’s rather surprising how the beard trend has lately been restricted to terms like “hipster.” It’s interesting to note that beards were popular long before most of the civilization was even born. Yes, we’re referring to the times of Jesus.

From saints to disciples, everyone took pride in looking a certain way (read: having a beard). In fact, men of God have long been known for their beautiful beards. Regardless, this devotional is a mere inspiration to lead you to the path of having one.

However, remember, there are ways to be a man of God, with or without a beard. Isn’t it one of the best gifts for Christian boyfriends?

8. Cross Beanie

Is your man often looking to redefine or enhance his style statement? This cross beanie is stretchy, warm, and of course, classy. Even though the cross is subtle, it’s just the right size, especially in terms of how well it fits on the beanie.

The best part about this budget-friendly gift is that it’s a wonderful choice for both old and young men. Furthermore, it will also come in handy for a nice winter retreat.

Our Final Thoughts

All in all, let’s face it. It isn’t easy to buy gifts for some men. However, once you’ve figured out his likes and dislikes enough to be confident about your choices, the list can definitely help.

However, if it’s a man who likes having a godly element in whatever he owns, then you’re even more in luck because that’s what the list has been restricted to. It’s important to recognize that buying a present isn’t merely an act of spending money.


In fact, it’s a form of devotion where you invest your heart and mind enough to determine what will help your man remember his faith at all times. It can be challenging to find the best gifts for Christian boyfriends but remember to limit your list to the ones that benefit him the most.