advent candles colours

Discover the Meaning Behind Advent Candles: A Guide for the Curious and Devout

As the holiday season approaches, Christians around the world prepare for the celebration of Advent. One of the most iconic and important elements of this time is the Advent candles. These candles hold a special meaning and purpose, and can enhance the spiritual experience of this cherished time of year.

advent candles colours

In this article, we will dive into the history and significance of Advent candles, including the meaning behind each of the four colors, the order in which they are lit, and the customs and traditions surrounding their use. Whether you’re a long-time Christian or new to the faith, we hope to inform and educate you on how to incorporate Advent candles into your own Christmas season. Keep reading to learn more.

The history and meaning of Advent Candles.

Advent candles are an integral part of the Christian tradition during the holiday season. As we light each candle, we reflect on the meaning behind its symbolic colors and how they represent our journey towards Christmas.

The first candle, often called the “Prophecy Candle,” is purple in color. Purple represents royalty and reminds us of Jesus’ birth as a king in Bethlehem. It also symbolizes hope, reminding us that even in times of darkness there is always a glimmer of light to guide us through.

The second candle is also purple and represents faith. This candle reminds us to have faith as we wait for Christ’s arrival during Advent season.

On the third Sunday before Christmas Day, we light up pink-colored candles which symbolize joy or rejoicing because it marks Gaudete Sunday – when Christians celebrate being halfway through Advent season.The third candle signifies joy – reminding Christians that they should rejoice at all times – especially for what God has done by sending His son Jesus into this world to save humanity from sin.

Finally, on Christmas Eve or day itself- depending on church tradition -the last white-colored advent canlde signifies purity/Christ’s purity since He was born without sin; representing peace with ourselves & others because Christ came so that all people could live peacefully together under one roof (Luke 2:14).

As you gather with your loved ones around your advent wreath this year take time to contemplate its true significance & meaning beyond just pretty decorations but rather representationsof Christianity’s rich history!

The significance of each Advent candle’s color.

As we approach the Christmas season, many Christians around the world prepare for Advent. One of the most beloved traditions during this time is lighting Advent candles. These candles hold great significance in Christian tradition, and each color represents a different aspect of faith.

The first candle is usually purple or blue and symbolizes hope. It reminds us that even in times of darkness, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. This candle serves as a reminder to keep our faith strong and our hearts open to possibility.

The second candle is also purple or blue and represents peace. As we light this candle, we are reminded to seek inner peace within ourselves as well as working towards creating a peaceful environment in our communities.

The third candle can vary between pink or rose color depending on tradition but its meaning remains constant: joy! Joy means different things for everyone but it’s something that should be celebrated all year round especially during Christmas season where love overflows from every corner.

Finally, The last advent Candle which burns on Christmas day itself will typically be white with gold accents representing purity & grace because Christianity holds Christmastide celebrations marking Jesus’ birth; hence purity & grace are significant throughout this whole period leading up-to his celebration!

Advent Candles serve not only an aesthetic purpose but also remind us about why Christmas exists- celebrating Jesus’ arrival into humanity’s history by spreading love everywhere -and how important certain values such as Hope Peace Joy Purity Grace are present throughout this holiday season!

The order in which the Advent candles are lit.

The lighting of Advent candles is a cherished tradition in the Christian faith, symbolizing the anticipation and preparation for the birth of Jesus Christ. The order in which these candles are lit holds significant meaning and can deepen one’s understanding of this sacred time.

Typically, four candles are used – three purple or blue ones representing hope, peace, and love; and a pink one for joy. On each Sunday leading up to Christmas Eve, a new candle is lit until all four are shining brightly.

But what many may not know is that the order in which they’re lit varies depending on denomination. Some churches light them as follows: first week – hope; second week – peace; third week – joy (represented by pink); fourth week – love. Others switch up the order between weeks two and three so that it reads: first- hope; second-love; third-joy (pink); fourth-peace.

Regardless of how they’re arranged though, each candle represents an important aspect of our relationship with God during Advent season – from placing our trust in Him to rejoicing over His enduring love for us.

So if you’re interested in learning more about this beautiful tradition or seeking to deepen your understanding as we enter into Advent season once again – don’t hesitate! Take some time today to light an advent candle yourself or attend church services where you can witness their beauty firsthand!

Customs and traditions surrounding Advent Candles.


The lighting of Advent candles has been a cherished tradition in the Christian faith for centuries. Each candle represents a different aspect of the Christmas story, and their colors hold deep symbolic meaning.

The first candle, typically purple or blue, represents hope. It symbolizes the anticipation and longing for Jesus’ arrival as foretold by prophets in the Old Testament.

The second candle is also purple or blue and represents peace. This reminds us that Jesus came to bring peace to our troubled world through his birth.

The third candle, often pink or rose-colored, signifies joy. It reflects our joy at knowing that Christ’s birth is near and reminds us to focus on celebrating this season with gladness in our hearts.

Finally, the fourth candle – another shade of purple or blue – stands for love. It represents God’s ultimate act of love: sending his son into this world so that we might have everlasting life through him.

As each week passes during Advent season leading up to Christmas Day , one additional candle is lit until all four are burning brightly on Christmas Eve.

It’s important not only to understand these traditions but also why they matter spiritually . By taking time each day during advent season it can help you reflect about how you can incorporate hope ,peace ,joy &love into your daily life as well . These customs serve as an opportunity for Christians around the world celebrate their faith together while reminding them what brings them closer towards Christ .

How to incorporate Advent candles into your own celebration.

Advent is a time of reflection and preparation, leading up to the celebration of Christmas. One way to mark this season is through the use of Advent candles. These candles are traditionally lit on each Sunday leading up to Christmas, with each candle representing a different aspect of the season.

The first candle represents hope, while the second symbolizes peace. The third candle represents joy, and the fourth stands for love. Some traditions also include a fifth white candle which is lit on Christmas Day itself.

To incorporate Advent candles into your own celebrations, start by selecting four colored candles in shades that represent each theme: purple for hope and peace; pink or rose for joy; and red or gold for love. You can also choose white taper candles if you prefer a simpler approach.

Lighting one additional candle every week creates an atmosphere of expectation as we prepare our hearts to welcome Jesus Christ during this holy time.

As you light your Advent wreath’s first purple (or blue)candle at home or church lighting it again every day thereafter until all four are burning brightly at once just before Christmas Eve – let its flickering flame remind you that Christ brings us hope!


Advent candles are a significant part of the Christian celebration of Advent, and they carry with them much tradition and meaning. We have discussed the history, meanings and customs behind each candle color as well as how to incorporate them into your own celebrations. If you would like to learn more about Advent candles or Christianity in general, please reach out to your local youth pastor for assistance!