Dear friend, welcome to!

We are very glad that you express an interest in the life of Christian community and Catholics in particular. We assure you that the life of a Christian doesnít differ much from the life of a person who hasnít stepped on the path of getting to know God. And even though being a Christian means putting up with some restrictions, such life is more organized and in some way more stable. At the same time nothing human is alien to modern Christians.

Many Christians run their own big or small business. There are special Christian apparel stores, farms, factories and companies. Of course, Christians shop at ordinary supermarkets and there is nothing extraordinary in it. Nor does this contradict the values and norms of Christianity. We have no taboo issues, and we are ready to discuss them and make decisions. We love to present gifts and as all people we purchase clothing and footwear. We have a great social responsibility to all humankind for our plans and acts. This is probably the principle distinctive feature of a Christian. The aim of responsible attitude is achieving social equity and society harmony, and this means stability and prosperity.

The world is full of evil. Untamed evil was born before a human was born, but only the human managed to see good from evil. After that he either chose the side of good or let the passions get the better of him, indulging his primeval behavior motifs. And we continue this fight and make the uneasy choice between the primitive wants and human responsibilities. And every right step makes the person better, approaching the Era of Mercy and Justice on Earth. And we believe in this and this is how it should be. This is how we visualize Kingdom of God on Earth.

But do you feel bored with it? Do you think that Christians do nothing but work and care about the common good of humanity and spiritual salvation? Do you think that Christians canít relax and have fun? This is not true. We have so many opportunities to travel on vacation. We may take a cruise, where we can not only have tons of fun, but also discuss the Bible and sermons. We may see the world and visit the major Christian destinations which are considered historical, architectural and engineering monuments. On the whole the life of a Christian is similar to the life of other people, except the fact that we share global objectives and this adds meaning to our lives.