Christianity in Iran

Exploring the State of Christianity in Iran: A Journey of Understanding and Empathy

Greetings, fellow followers of Christ. Today, we are taking a closer look at the history of Christianity in Iran, exploring the current state of the faith, and shedding light on the challenges faced by Iranian Christians. As a Christian Youth pastor, I believe it is crucial for us to expand our knowledge and understanding of the global church.

Christianity in Iran

Throughout the article, we’ll delve into the role of the underground church in Iran, and how the global Christian community can offer support. This is an important topic not just for our growth as Christians, but also for our empathy and connection with our fellow believers.

So, take a seat and let us embark on this journey of learning together. Continue reading to find out more about the state of Christianity in Iran.

The History of Christianity in Iran

The history of Christianity in Iran is a fascinating and complex topic, one that provides insight into the diverse cultural and religious landscape of the Middle East. For centuries, Christians have made significant contributions to Iranian society, despite facing various forms of discrimination at different points throughout history.

One important aspect to consider when discussing Christianity in Iran is its early roots. The religion was introduced to the region by missionaries from Syria and Mesopotamia as far back as the first century AD. These early Christian communities were largely comprised of Assyrian and Armenian believers who established churches across modern-day Iran.

Over time, however, political conflicts between Persian rulers and Christian leaders led to increased persecution against followers of Christ. This culminated in a series of massacres during the 19th century under Qajar rule.

Fast forward to present day Iran where there are still small but vibrant communities practicing their faiths openly albeit with government surveillance on them for security reasons due mainly because it’s an Islamic country with Sharia law being implemented which makes it difficult for non-Muslims practice their religions freely without any consequences or scrutiny.

Despite these challenges over time though Christianity has managed not only survival but also growth within this nation thanks largely due efforts from organizations such as Open Doors International providing aid & advocacy support worldwide especially targeted towards persecuted Christians living under oppressive regimes like those found here today helping them remain steadfast in their beliefs even amidst growing pressure from authorities around them .

As we continue our journey learning about what God has done through His people all over world let us remember that even amid trials He remains faithful!

The current state of Christianity in Iran

The current state of Christianity in Iran is both complex and challenging. Christians in this predominantly Muslim country face persecution, discrimination, and social isolation on a daily basis.

Despite these obstacles, the Christian community in Iran continues to grow. It is estimated that there are between 350,000 to 500,000 Iranian Christians living within its borders today.

However, it’s important to note that most of these believers don’t have access to resources such as Bibles or church buildings. Instead they must worship privately or attend underground churches for fear of persecution by the government.

Moreover, religious minorities like Christians face legal hurdles when seeking employment opportunities or basic human services like healthcare and education – often being seen as second-class citizens due their faith beliefs.

As a Christian youth pastor myself I find it disheartening but also inspiring how resilient our brothers and sisters are who continue their faith journey despite facing all kinds of hardships.

It’s crucial for us not only pray for them but also support them through various means such as sending missionaries from other countries who can help provide much-needed resources so they can freely practice their faith without any fear.

We need more awareness raised about this issue so we can help advocate on behalf of our fellow believers around the world facing similar situations where they may be persecuted because of what they believe in – a fundamental right every human should enjoy regardless if we agree with one another’s religion or not.

The challenges faced by Iranian Christians

Iranian Christians face a multitude of challenges in their daily lives. From discrimination and persecution to limited access to resources, the journey for these believers is not an easy one.

One of the biggest challenges faced by Iranian Christians is religious persecution. The government views Christianity as a threat to its Islamic regime, leading to severe restrictions on Christian activities such as evangelism and church gatherings.

Furthermore, being a Christian in Iran can lead to social exclusion and discrimination. Many believers are ostracized by their families or communities due to cultural differences or fear of repercussions from authorities.


Limited access to resources also poses significant hurdles for Iranian Christians. Bibles are extremely difficult to come by, with only a handful being officially printed each year under strict regulations. Additionally, many churches lack adequate facilities or funding for ministry programs and outreach efforts.

Despite these obstacles, Iranian Christians remain steadfast in their faith and continue spreading the message of Christ’s love despite the risks involved. It is important for us as fellow believers around the world not only recognize but also support our brothers and sisters facing such immense challenges simply because they choose Jesus over everything else in life.

As we pray for persecuted Christians globally during this season when we celebrate Christ’s birth let us remember that there are those who have little reason indeed feel joyous about it because they live under constant threat from those who do not share our belief system- yet persevere allthet same- May God strengthen them!

The role of the underground church in Iran

The underground church in Iran plays a crucial role in the spiritual lives of Christians living under repressive regimes. Despite facing persecution and discrimination, these faithful believers continue to gather secretly to worship and fellowship with one another.

For many Iranian Christians, joining an underground church is not just a matter of religious faith but also a political act of resistance against their government’s oppressive policies. The fear of being arrested, tortured or even executed for practicing their faith has driven many believers underground. However, this has not stopped them from spreading the Gospel message throughout Iran.

Through word-of-mouth evangelism and Bible distribution networks, Iranian Christians are sharing God’s love with those who hunger for truth and hope in their troubled country. While they may lack traditional resources such as buildings or formal training programs, these brave men and women rely on prayerful support from fellow believers around the world to sustain them through difficult times.

As we learn about the challenges faced by our brothers and sisters in Christ within Iran’s underground church community, let us remember that they serve as an inspiration to all of us who seek to follow Jesus wholeheartedly regardless of circumstances or consequences. May we lift up our prayers for protection over these faithful servants as they continue to shine Christ’s light amidst darkness!

How can the global Christian community support Iranian Christians?

As Christians, it is our duty to support and uplift our brethren in Iran who face persecution for their faith. Despite the challenges they face, Iranian Christians continue to hold onto their beliefs with unwavering strength and resilience.

One way we can support them is by educating ourselves about the unique struggles they encounter. The Iranian government heavily restricts religious freedoms, leading to discrimination and harassment towards Christian communities. By learning about these challenges, we can become more empathetic to their plight.

Another way we can help is by advocating for them on a global scale. We must use our voices as members of the global Christian community to raise awareness about the unjust treatment of Iranian Christians and call on international leaders to take action.

Finally, supporting organizations that provide aid directly to persecuted Christians in Iran can make a significant impact. These groups offer material assistance such as food or shelter while also providing spiritual guidance and emotional support.

May God bless all those who stand firm in their faith despite opposition from this world! Let us unite as one body under Christ’s love and work together towards justice for all of His children around the world.


The history, current state and challenges of Christianity in Iran are complex. Iranian Christians have long faced difficulties due to their faith, while also finding ways to practice it within the scope of the country’s laws. The underground church is a lifeline for many believers that gives them hope and support as they carry out their beliefs. We must remember all these factors when discussing Christianity in Iran and think about how we can aid our brothers and sisters around the world who face such hardship – whatever form that may take. As Christian youth pastors, let us join together to raise awareness on this issue so we can help make a difference in global Christian communities today!