Christianity in Bahrain

Discovering Christianity in Bahrain: A Guide for Christians Around the World

Welcome, fellow Christians, to our discussion about Christianity in Bahrain.

Christianity in Bahrain

As Christians, we understand the importance of spreading God’s word and learning about our faith around the world. Bahrain, a small island country in the Middle East, may not be first on your list of places to study Christianity, but its history and current state may surprise you.

In this article, we will cover an introduction to Christianity in Bahrain, exploring the history of the faith in the country, the current state of Christian communities in Bahrain, the challenges faced by Christians there, and initiatives to promote religious tolerance and understanding in Bahrain.

Whether you are a Christian who simply wishes to learn more about our faith in different parts of the world or you are planning on visiting Bahrain soon, we hope that this guide will deepen your understanding of Christianity in this unique country. So let’s dive in!

An Introduction to Christianity in Bahrain

Introduction to Christianity in Bahrain: A Glimpse into a Growing Community

As Christians, we are called to spread the gospel and share the love of Christ with all nations. The tiny island nation of Bahrain may not be at the top of our list when it comes to thinking about spreading Christianity, but it is a growing community worth exploring.

Bahrain is home to a small but diverse group of Christians from different backgrounds such as Indian, Filipino, and Western expats. While Islam remains the dominant religion in this Muslim-majority country, there is evidence of religious tolerance towards other faiths including Christianity.

The history of Christianity in Bahrain dates back centuries ago when Christian merchants from Persia came for trade purposes. Today’s Christian population can trace its roots back to mainly migrant workers who came here for job opportunities. These individuals have formed small communities where they gather together for worship services and fellowship.

One notable church that has been serving this community since 1906 is St Christopher’s Cathedral located on Al Khalifa Avenue opposite Bab Al-Bahrain souq. This Anglican church offers regular services throughout the week along with special events during seasons like Christmas and Easter.

Other churches include Our Lady Of Arabia Catholic Church situated near Awali Golf Club providing masses every Friday evening; Sacred Heart Parish located next door which caters primarily for Filipino Catholics; Evangelical Community Church serving English-speaking Protestants offering Sunday morning worship services followed by refreshments; Pentecostal Assembly catering largely towards Indian expat believers holding weekly prayer meetings on Saturdays along with other activities like youth ministry programs amongst others.

In conclusion, while still considered as one among many minority groups living within this Gulf state today – Christians continue growing their presence through various means including evangelism amongst locals or welcoming new members through baptism ceremonies – showing how God continues working even amidst adversity!

The history of Christianity in the country

The history of Christianity in Bahrain is a tale of perseverance and faith. Despite facing persecution, discrimination, and even death throughout the centuries, Christians have managed to establish a vibrant community that continues to thrive today.

Christianity first arrived in Bahrain during the early days of the Roman Empire. Missionaries from Syria and Persia traveled across the Arabian Peninsula spreading their message of hope and salvation. However, it wasn’t until much later that Christianity truly took root in this land.

In 1869, British missionaries established a Protestant church in Manama -the capital city- which became one of the first Christian communities on islands with over 100 members at its peak. Over time as expatriates came then left Bahrain for work reasons so did some Christian congregations leaving only small groups behind.

Despite facing challenges such as limited access to religious materials or buildings; these believers remained steadfast in their faith practicing underground or private worship services without interference from government officials who recognized freedom religion according to constitution since its establishment back then when Britain was governing this country till independence day on August 15th ,1971 .

Today there are several churches including Catholic Church run by Franciscan friars; Anglicans led by Bishop Michael Lewis under Diocese Cyprus & The Gulf located near Awali Hospital among others where Christians can freely attend services together with other religions alike all around Kingdom Of Bahrain . These places serve not only as houses for worship but also social centers where people can connect share ideas while strengthening bonds within their community based upon shared beliefs values they hold dear.

As we reflect on our Christian heritage here In Kingdom Of Bahrian ; let us be grateful for those who came before us paving way continuing legacy through word deed so future generations may live out lives full inspiration meaning purpose knowing true freedom found Christ alone!

The current state of Christian communities in Bahrain

The current state of Christian communities in Bahrain is both complex and fascinating. As a predominantly Muslim country, Christians are in the minority, but they have a rich history and vibrant community that cannot be ignored.

Despite challenges such as limited access to religious resources and restrictions on public worship, Christians in Bahrain have found ways to practice their faith. Many churches operate discreetly within private compounds or homes, with services held behind closed doors.


One of the biggest challenges facing Christian communities in Bahrain is discrimination. Although there is no official law against Christianity or other non-Muslim religions, there are instances where individuals face discrimination based on their faith. This can manifest itself through job opportunities being withheld or even social exclusion from certain activities.

However despite these difficulties faced by the Christian community here in Bahrain , it has grown into an integral part of our society . The government has taken many steps towards ensuring that all religions including Christianity are respected so much so that they’ve given permission for construction of Churches alongside Mosques which shows how diverse our nation truly is .

As a youth pastor serving within this community,I feel incredibly grateful for what we’ve accomplished thus far but I also know we still have more work to do . It’s up us believers to continue spreading love beyond religious difference while simultaneously lifting each other up during trials .

Overall ,Christianity may not be as prevalent as Islam here,but its followers remain deeply rooted both physically and spiritually within this beautiful nation’s fabric.

Challenges faced by Christians in Bahrain

As a Christian youth pastor, I have witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by Christians living in Bahrain. Despite being a small island nation, Bahrain is home to a diverse population with varying religious beliefs. Unfortunately, this diversity does not always translate into acceptance and tolerance of minority faiths.

One of the biggest challenges facing Christians in Bahrain is discrimination and persecution. The government officially recognizes Christianity as one of the country’s religions but places strict restrictions on worship practices outside designated areas. This makes it difficult for Christian communities to openly practice their faith without fear of retribution.

Another challenge that Christians face in Bahrain is social ostracism. Many members of society view Christianity as foreign and unorthodox compared to traditional Islamic beliefs, which can lead to exclusion from certain social circles or job opportunities.

Despite these challenges, many Christians continue to hold onto their faith with unwavering determination and resilience. They have formed tight-knit communities that provide support for each other through prayer groups or Bible study sessions held discreetly behind closed doors.

As we teach about Christianity around the world, it’s important not only to acknowledge these obstacles but also celebrate the bravery and steadfastness shown by our brothers and sisters enduring them daily. We must pray for them fervently while remaining hopeful that one day soon they will be able to worship freely without any hindrances or threats hanging over their heads like Damocles’ sword.

Promoting religious tolerance and understanding in Bahrain

Promoting religious tolerance and understanding in Bahrain is crucial for fostering a peaceful and harmonious society. As Christians living in Bahrain, it is our responsibility to educate ourselves about the beliefs of other religions and promote mutual respect among all faiths.

One way to achieve this goal is through interfaith dialogue. By engaging in respectful conversations with members of other religions, we can learn from one another’s perspectives and develop a greater understanding of each other’s beliefs.

Another important step towards promoting religious tolerance is by actively participating in community events that bring together people from different backgrounds. This could include volunteering at local charities or organizing events that celebrate diversity within the community.

As Christian youth pastors, it’s also important to teach our young congregants about Christianity around the world. By introducing them to diverse cultural practices within Christianity, we can help them appreciate the rich history and traditions behind their faith while also promoting empathy towards those who may practice differently than they do.

Ultimately, promoting religious tolerance requires an ongoing commitment from all members of society regardless of their background or belief system. Through education, understanding, and open-mindedness we can build a more inclusive world where everyone feels valued regardless of their religion or culture.


Christianity in Bahrain is a complex yet unique reality, which has been part of the country’s history for centuries. Christians face different challenges as they live among Muslim majorities and navigate diverse cultures. Despite these difficulties, there are many encouraging stories of Christian communities living together peacefully with their neighbors in Bahrain. As we continue to promote religious tolerance and understanding here in the region, it is our hope that followers of Jesus Christ will be shown respect and compassion by all across Bahrain regardless of religious beliefs or backgrounds. Let us remember this intangible mission set before us today!