Best Christian Christmas Movies: Faith, Fun, and Family Holiday Favorites

When the holiday season rolls around, there’s nothing quite like cozying up with a heartwarming Christmas movie that celebrates faith and the true meaning of Christmas. You’re in for a treat with a lineup of films that blend the magic of Christmas with Christian values and messages.

Best Christian Christmas Movies: Faith, Fun, and Family Holiday Favorites

From timeless classics to modern tales of hope and redemption, these movies are sure to stir your spirit and fill your heart with joy. Get ready to pop some corn and settle in—these are the best Christian Christmas movies that’ll become your holiday must-watches.

A Christmas Carol

When you’re browsing through Christmas movies, you’re likely to come across a story that has been retold in countless versions – “A Christmas Carol.” This timeless classic by Charles Dickens isn’t just a ghost story or a tale of holiday cheer; it’s a profound narrative that intertwines the joy of Christmas with the transformation of the human heart.

Imagine a man who embodies greed and selfishness, someone who couldn’t care less about the Christmas spirit. That’s Ebenezer Scrooge for you. But as you watch, you’ll witness his extraordinary journey to becoming a person filled with generosity and kindness.

Scrooge’s encounters with the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future are not just fantastical elements; they serve as a mirror reflecting the changes we all can make. These spiritual visits remind us that it’s never too late to mend our ways and embrace the values we hold dear.

The transformation of Scrooge aligns with Christian teachings. You’re reminded of the core Christian value of redemption through God’s love. The story shows that no one is beyond hope and that change is possible, reflecting the transformative power of Christ’s love and the salvation He offers.

“A Christmas Carol” teaches the importance of compassion and charity, echoing the Christian call to love and care for others. This movie isn’t just entertaining; it delivers a powerful message about the significance of giving and the impact of our actions on others.

As Scrooge opens his heart to the people around him, he finds the true joy of Christmas. This depiction of selflessness and newfound faith resonates with anyone seeking to understand Christian values, especially during the holiday season.

By the time the credits roll, you’ll likely feel a renewal of your own spirit and a desire to reach out in love and service, just as Scrooge does. It’s these lessons that make “A Christmas Carol” a beloved Christian Christmas movie and why it continues to be relevant year after year.

The Nativity Story

Imagine a movie that takes you back to the very heart of Christmas. “The Nativity Story” transports you to the time of Mary and Joseph, giving you a front-row seat to the most pivotal event in Christian history.

The birth of Jesus Christ represents hope and salvation, and this film portrays it with grace and reverence. You’ll witness the humble beginnings of a story that has shaped the world. Mary’s faith and courage are captured beautifully, offering a fresh perspective on a tale you thought you knew.

Through the eyes of the characters, you’ll experience their journey, from the angel Gabriel’s announcement to the arduous travel to Bethlehem. Joseph’s steadfastness is as compelling as it is inspirational, providing a strong example of commitment and trust in God’s plan.

The film’s attention to historical detail immerses you in the era, making biblical events tangible. A mix of drama and authenticity makes “The Nativity Story” a wholesome family viewing experience. And isn’t that exactly what you want during the holiday season?

Scenes depicting shepherds honoring the newborn Christ and wise men following a star underscore themes of faith and divine guidance. They remind us that everyone, regardless of status, is called to recognize and celebrate the miracle of Christ’s birth.

So pull up a chair, grab some popcorn, and add “The Nativity Story” to your holiday tradition. Let the true meaning of Christmas come alive through the power and simplicity of this enduring narrative.

It’s a Wonderful Life

When you dive into classic Christmas cinema, “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a treasure trove of Christian values and life lessons. Frank Capra’s masterpiece unravels the life of George Bailey, a man who dreams big but finds himself bound by duty to his small hometown. Down on his luck and facing financial ruin, George contemplates the value of his life. That’s when Clarence Odbody, an angel sent from Heaven, steps in.

Clarence’s divine mission is to show George the immense impact his life has had on others. Through a series of extraordinary visions, George witnesses a reality where he never existed. It’s a stark world, one that’s lost its warmth and generosity without his presence. This profound experience reminds us that every life has a deep, often unseen influence on the world.

The film beautifully illustrates the ripple effect of kindness and the inherent worth of each individual. The small acts of charity and courage George shows throughout his life are the threads that bind the community together. These themes resonate with the Christian belief in the importance of every soul and the good that can be accomplished through faith and perseverance.

At its heart, “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a celebration of the unsung hero in all of us. George Bailey’s journey is a powerful reminder that success isn’t measured by wealth or prestige, but by the love and relationships we build. It reinforces the Christian message that no matter how insignificant we might feel, our lives hold immeasurable value in God’s eyes.

The movie doesn’t shy away from human struggle and hardship either. George’s journey is one that many can relate to, especially during the holiday season. It emphasizes that even in our darkest hours, hope and community can lift us up. Through George’s story, we’re encouraged to keep faith and to cherish every moment of this wonderful life we’ve been given.

The Polar Express

Imagine boarding a magical train on Christmas Eve destined for the North Pole. That’s what happens to the young hero of “The Polar Express,” a film that captures the spirit of faith through a child’s eyes. Voiced by Tom Hanks, the enigmatic conductor guides children on a journey that emphasizes belief and trust in the unseen.

  • Adventure and Intrigue: Onboard, you’ll find a compelling narrative that whispers of adventure and intrigue.
  • Core Christian Values: The children, each from different walks of life, learn about hope, compassion, and camaraderie, echoing the Christian values of kindness and acceptance.

As the Polar Express chugs through wild, snowy landscapes, it brings to life Isaiah 9:6, a prophecy about Christ’s birth, showing how faith can transport us to wondrous places. The power of belief is central to the movie, urging viewers to trust in things not always seen, much like faith itself.

  • The Silver Bell: The subtle yet powerful symbol of the silver bell, only heard by those who believe, reinforces the biblical principle that faith is “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1).

Children and adults alike will find joy in the movie’s vivid animation and rousing soundtrack that exudes a sense of divine celebration. As the story unfolds, the importance of maintaining childlike faith, even as grown-ups, is gently laid upon the hearts of the audience.

  • Test of Faith: When the protagonist faces a test of faith, the film vividly portrays the internal struggle one undergoes when confronted with doubt.

The reflection of Christian faith woven throughout “The Polar Express” serves as a reminder that believing is seeing—a motto that resonates deeply with the celebration of Christmas and the anticipation of God’s miracles in our everyday lives.

The Star

Imagine a tale where the nativity story unfolds from a fresh perspective—that of the animals. In “The Star,” you’re introduced to a brave little donkey named Bo, whose curiosity and desire for adventure lead him on an epic journey. Bo’s perspective offers a unique and humorous twist to the well-known historical event.

With a swift escape from his mundane life at the mill, Bo finds himself in the company of some stable animals. Together, they witness the arrival of the three wise men and overhear the prophecy of the new king’s birth. This knowledge spurs them into action, each motivated by a noble desire to protect Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem.

“The Star” isn’t just entertainment; it’s a lesson in courage and faith. Bo’s character embodies perseverance as he overcomes obstacles to protect the soon-to-be-born King. It’s clear the film intends to teach these virtues to its audience, especially the younger viewers.

The animation is colorful, lively, and engaging, making the story accessible to all ages. It’s sprinkled with biblical truths and values, yet never feels preachy. Instead, it invites you in with warmth and charm, offering laughter and light-hearted moments.

Each character they meet adds to the rich tapestry of the narrative, from sheep seeking freedom to doves with keen insight. Bo and his friends’ camaraderie and faith are tested as they navigate through perils, providing a potent reminder that even the smallest creatures have a part to play in God’s plan.

The biblical account is honored throughout “The Star,” yet it’s also filled with contemporary humor creating an enjoyable experience for the whole family. As the animals play their part in the Christmas story, you’re reminded that the birth of Jesus is at the center of the Christian faith, a truth that brings hope and joy to believers around the world.


You’ve got a couple of gems to add to your holiday watch list that’ll warm your heart and remind you of the season’s true essence. Whether you’re on a magical train ride with “The Polar Express” or following Bo’s adventurous path in “The Star,” these films will surely ignite your festive spirit. So grab some cocoa, gather your loved ones, and settle in for a movie night that celebrates the wonder of Christmas and the joy it brings to hearts around the world. Happy viewing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the central theme of “The Polar Express” movie?

“The Polar Express” movie centers on the themes of belief and trust in the unseen, underscoring the importance of maintaining a sense of wonder and faith, akin to core Christian values often celebrated during Christmas.

How does “The Star” movie differ from traditional nativity stories?

“The Star” retells the nativity story through the perspective of the animals, particularly a brave donkey named Bo, offering a fresh and animated take on the events leading to Jesus’s birth, blending biblical elements with contemporary humor.

What lessons does “The Star” teach its viewers?

“The Star” imparts lessons of courage and faith, highlighting the significance of the Christmas story and the birth of Jesus, while engaging viewers with its colorful animation and light-hearted narrative style.

How do these movies relate to the true meaning of Christmas?

Both movies, “The Polar Express” and “The Star,” reflect on the true meaning of Christmas by celebrating faith, hope, and joy. They focus on the importance of belief, the birth of Jesus, and the Christian values associated with this festive season.

Why is “The Star” considered a good choice for families during Christmas?

“The Star” is considered an ideal family movie for Christmas because it offers an entertaining and meaningful portrayal of the nativity story that is accessible to all ages. Its combination of humor, vibrant animation, and faithful storytelling resonates with children and adults alike.