Best Christian Books for Tweens

It might be difficult to raise a child as an adult since they are often less amenable than they were in their tween. During the adolescent years, your child will grow increasingly self-reliant and begin establishing their understanding of the world. There are numerous problems and temptations for our young people in today’s environment.

The 5 Best Christian Books for Tweens

Best Christian Books for Tweens

Our job is to equip them with sound biblical instruction to resist the temptations they will experience and build healthy relationships that please God. Christian tweens can benefit from a good, motivating book to supplement the lessons you’ve already been imparting to them.

1. The Teenage Years of Jesus Christ

In this book, teens can learn a lot about Jesus’ priorities as an adolescent, which is ideal for Christian tweens and high-schoolers. It will be useful to show them whether or not their priorities and goals are aligned with Jesus Christ’s. Not only is it a good book for tweens, but it is also suitable for adults and parents. It can help them check on their kids and see if their lifestyle is similar to Jesus Christ’s when he was a tween himself.

According to Luke 2:52, Jesus had six objectives throughout his adolescent years, which the author, Pastor Jerry Ross, addresses in his book. This book is a short read with only 126 pages, making reading it an easy and less time-consuming task for children.

2. The Twenty One Tenets of Biblical Masculinity

In today’s society, Biblical manhood has been largely wiped out. Destroying Biblical manhood’s principles one by one is Satan’s systematic plan. Genuine masculinity has been replaced by a corrupted, vulgar and misleading concept of what it means to be male. As a man, you are challenged in twenty-one specific areas of your life by this book, which provides a scriptural basis for your personal growth in these areas.

A topic that has been disregarded for far too long now receives the attention it deserves with the help of this booklet’s presentation of the Bible’s clear teaching on biblical masculinity.

3. Just Friends: Guarding Your Heart for a Wonderful Someday

This guide will help you navigate the treacherous terrain of adolescent emotions and early sexual attraction. As a result, you’ll be able to better comprehend the biblical concepts that will eventually lead you to real love and a good future. For both parents and children, this book provides valuable information about what it’s like to transition from childhood to adolescence to adulthood.

While friendships are supposed to help us grow into the people God intends us to be, far too many work against that goal. People must comprehend that God is the master planner and what he plans for them is for their best. This book talks about how people will eventually find the person they desire the most, “the one,” but this will only happen at a certain time when God will.

4. Don’t Waste Your Life

Many people in the United States are enticed by the American Dream to waste their time and energy on frivolous pursuits, allowing them to drift through life without achieving anything meaningful. On the other hand, God has a much greater purpose for us.

In this book, the author, John Piper, urges children and teens to escape the perils of an unfulfilled life by encouraging them to live without fear and take on challenges head-on, knowing that The Lord is with you at all times. For teens who are still searching for their life’s calling, this book offers Biblical guidance and inspiration to live a life dedicated to God regardless of the career path they choose.

5. The Sacred Search

Every parent’s nightmare when raising a child is seeing them traverse the minefield of intimate relationships. Despite their apparent lack of interest, your adolescent nevertheless craves your advice on how not to go wrong when it comes to dating and relationships. This book pushes your teen to think about why God formed partnerships in the first place—to find a partner who will help you carry out God’s purpose together.

In this book, the author, Gary Thomas, has compiled a list of everyday items that tend to significantly influence your teenager’s relationships and the type of marriage they will experience someday. When you read Gary Thomas’ The Sacred Search, you’ll change your perspective on an intimate relationship.

It’s important to remember, as Gary points out, that a happy marriage is something you create, not something you discover.

Our Thoughts

As the world progresses and jumps on the bandwagon of liberalism, the more our kids will stray away from the teachings and commands of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. This is why it is our job, as parents, to ensure they stay on the right track and don’t fall prey to the temptations and desires of this world.

In addition to observing religious holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas and attending church, parents must instill in their tweens a love of reading and a desire to learn more about their Christian religion and the Gospel. With these books, you can infuse a deep reverence for God’s Word in your child, which will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Reading the book and introducing them to literature that talks about Christianity and Christian beliefs are some of the best ways to develop the love of God. Start early, so by the time they start thinking for themselves; they’ll easily be able to distinguish between right and wrong.