10 Unique Gift Ideas for Christians

10 Unique Gift Ideas for Christians TheWitness.org

Sometimes finding the ideal gift for the Christian in your family can be a challenging task. If you want to express you love to the dearest people in your life but have run out of ideas we offer our list of exclusive gift ideas a Christian is sure to appreciate. When you are looking for a perfect gift consider taking into account special interests, hobbies and aspirations of the person for who you are choosing a gift, and you will quickly come up with the right gift!

A Bible

A Bible is a universal gift any Christian will appreciate. Just make sure you take into account the person's interests and it will be the best gift, indeed. If the person travels much a slimline Bible will be the best choice while the one who often drives long distances will love an audio Bible. For the middle-aged Christian who loves reading a large print Bible would be preferable and a student or Bible teacher might admire a comprehensive Bible Study Software package.

A Christmas or Warship CD TheWitness.org

A Christmas or Warship CD

It is always a great pleasure to receive a music or worship CD, especially when it reflects your loved one's musical interest. Think what sort of music the person loves and try to find a new release from his or her favorite artist or worship band.

A Book

Avid readers will be happy to get a new book, guaranteed. If you love reading historical fiction we recommend a Francine Rivers' novel. Those who prefer supernatural suspense and intrigue will enjoy reading books by Ted Dekker or T.L. Hines. Such writers as Jim Cymbala, John Piper, John MacArthur and Max Lucado are highly rated by many non-fiction readers. Consider purchasing books online to save time and money. Christian Book Distributors is an excellent source to get Christian literature at affordable prices. Plus if you apply a Christian Book Distributors Coupon Code to your order you will get an additional discount and save even more.

An Audiobook Club Subscription TheWitness.org

An Audiobook Club Subscription

If the person who you want to please with a thoughtful gift is trying to get in shape it would be a good idea to present him or her a subscription to Audible.com. Not only will such subscription offer the opportunity to listen to great Christian audiobooks but it can also motivate to work hard to meet the particular exercise goals. Plus you can add a subscription to an audiobook club. If the person is already a member of some club you can buy credits or gift cards for him.

A Christian Movie or DVD

Most people love watching movies so your friend or relative might be pleased to get a Christian movie as a gift. To choose the right movie or DVD you should know what movie genre the person prefers (a comedy, a thriller or a drama) and his age. Ask yourself whether he loves an entertaining and educational video series. Or maybe he is looking for a particular DVD from a special collection.

A Magazine Subscription TheWitness.org

A Magazine Subscription

A magazine subscription is a great thoughtful gift as well. These days there is a great range of magazines so you are sure to find the one that reflects the interest and hobbies of the person you love. Plus such gift will be remembered for long!

Christian Concert Tickets

A person who loves listening to Christian music will be thrilled to see and hear his or her favorite Christian artist performing live in a concert. If such a gift is too expensive for you consider getting your friends to join you for a truly memorable group gift.

Christian-themed apparel or accessories will be a great gift for the person who loves to express himself through things to wear.

Witness Wear

Gift Certificates TheWitness.org

Gift Certificates

Presenting a gift certificate is an excellent personalized gift. Such a gift will enable you to choose the dollar amount of the gift that suits your budget. A dinner at a restaurant, an art store, a book store, a craft store, the possibilities are really endless! Plus these days most online stores offer their gift certificates so shopping for a gift will be convenient and hassle free.

Massage Therapy

Pamper that special someone in your life with a relaxation massage, a facial, or a spa procedure. This offbeat gift idea is sure to win hundreds of favorable reviews! A gift certificate for a relaxation massage or any other spa procedure makes the perfect treatment, and a thoughtful gift!