9 Alternative Companies to Chick-Fil-A

In-N-Out Burger

As Chick-Fil-A’s controversy continues over their proclamation of being against same sex marriages, we would like to offer you 9 alternative companies to shop from that support religion without negativity.

1 In-N-Out Burger

Chick-Fil-A is not the first company to base its recipes around its religious beliefs. In-N-Out, a western burger chain, has printed verse citations from the Bible on its cup wrappers and other packaging articles since the late 1980s. For example, John 3:16, an extremely popular bible verse discussing God’s love for the world, appears on all of In-N-Out’s soft drink cups.

2 Tyson Foods, Inc

Who would have thought that the world’s largest chicken distributor employs a team of Chaplains to minister to its employees at corporate offices as well as production facilities. Yes, it is true that many other corporations contract the same services but it is extremely rare for a company to keep a team of chaplains on a revolving payroll. Tyson has also recently created the Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace, one of the first academic centers of its kind that is devoted to helping everyone and anyone regardless of their spiritual and/or religious beliefs/affiliations. It is located within the University of Arkansas.

Tyson Foods, Inc TheWitness.org

3 Forever 21

No one would have guess that this young woman's clothing company prints common biblical citations on the bottom of its stores’ shopping bags. John 3:16 is the most common verse to be utilized. The company's spokeswoman has stated that the message is a display of the owner’s own faith.

Forever 21 TheWitness.org

4 Tom’s of Maine

Tom’s of Maine, a natural home products company, was established in 1970 by Tom Chappell and his wife Kate. After almost leaving the company to begin a full-time Christian ministry, Tom was advised by one of his Harvard Divinity Professors to treat his business as a ministry. Thus, the couple began to bring spiritual leaders aboard to discuss how they could incorporate religious principles into the company itself. Tom’s not only speaks on behalf of the environment, it’s also seeks to better the world through exchanging messages of hope, faith, and experience.

Tom’s of Maine TheWitness.org

5 Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is a privately owned chain of over 450 arts and crafts stores across the country. They are well known for their Christian orientation as their mission statement declares the company to operate in a manner that honors the Lord and is consistent with all biblical principles.

Hobby Lobby TheWitness.org

6 Service Master

Service Master was founded in 1929 by Marion E. Wade. Wade was known for honoring God in all that he did. He had an extremely strong personal relationship and faith with God. This translated into his company as he treated each customer and employee as a man or woman made in the image of God, meaning they deserved respect and dignity. Although the company has recently been overtaken by a private equity firm, the company still consciously makes an effort to do the right thing with a mission statement focused around servant leadership.

Service Master TheWitness.org

7 Herman Miller

Herman Miller is a furniture manufacturer from Michigan. The company’s founders were born and raised in the Reformed Protestant tradition. Thus, the company prides itself on its environmental philanthropy and human practices that revolve around respecting the dignity of every and any person. Herman Miller regularly appears on Fortune’s annual list of top companies to work for.

Herman Miller TheWitness.org

8 Interstate Batteries

Interstate Batteries is a very openly religious company that even discusses ‘God talk’ during their internal training. The former company president, Norm Miller, has even moved to the chairman position in order to allow himself more time to address the Christian audience. The goal of Interstate Batteries is to effectively apply biblical principles to establish a highly successful business. Interstate Batteries also employs its very own chaplain.

Interstate Batteries TheWitness.org

9 Walmart

Walmart has utilized Christian servant leadership models to build up one of the world’s largest retailers. This factor explains why Walmart carries a plethora of Christian books that were previously only exclusive to smaller Christian bookstores. However, Walmart's Christian book sales have done so well that it poses as a threat to smaller Christian bookstores.

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