Why Christians Should Continue Shopping at Target

The decision of Target to adopt transgender bathroom policy has had a great resonance among the public. Some Christians even announced that they will boycott the store until the new law related to restroom usage and gender identity is not cancelled. Here are 5 reasons why you should ignore boycott and continue shopping at Target.

1. According to the statistics only 0.22% of the U.S. residents claim to be transgender. So the chances of running into a transgender in a bathroom at Target are minimal. Even if you were to encounter one, how will you know that they are transgendered? As a rule, people often refrain from talking to strangers in bathrooms and just mind their own business.

2. Before making a fuss about Target transgender bathroom policy ask yourself how often you really use the bathrooms when you shop in the store. If you shop with the kids and need to use the bathroom consider using the Family Bathroom, which is rather spacious, very comfortable and is equipped with a changing table. In fact, many parents do ask their children to go to the bathroom before leaving home so they just won’t have to use the public bathroom.

3. Do you know much about transgendered people? Why do you think they might harm you or your family? Is boycotting the store just because of them makes sense? These people have already been looked down upon by the society and many of them are still being rejected…As a Christian shouldn’t you be the one who won’t despise and hurt them?

4. Jesus gave all us a good lesson to learn. Jesus never looked down on or talked ill of prostitutes, prisoners, refugees, half-Jews, or handicapped people that were shunned at the time he lived. On the contrary, he reached out to everyone and tried to get to know them. These days there are still many people who are looked down upon. By reaching out to any person who is looked down upon, Christians are doing what Jesus taught. Doing wrong to other people and shaking your finger at them is not going to change them. Jesus taught us to love our neighbors (people) as ourselves. People who want to be treated respectfully should treat others with respect as well. Jesus loved all people and the best way to educate about Christ’s love is just to show love to all people.

5. While many Christians are bothered with Target so much that they boycott it, they continue to shop at stores that are known to have slave labor issues. It seems to me that the problem of ethical product sourcing is much more important than the recent Target bathroom policy. Personally for me it is very important to know that I’m shopping ethically slave-free made apparel and other products. Since 2015 Target has started to source their products ethically, sustainably, and have made great strides in this. The company boasts to have a 100% rating for the Human Rights Campaign’s 2015 Corporate Equality Index and collaborates with suppliers who are certified minority or women-owned. In other words, Target products are made in accordance with ethical practices, in safe working environments, by adults who receive fair wages for their work. These are the reasons why I choose to shop at Target and will continue to.

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