10 Best Bible Software Programs

There are many reasons why people are looking for Bible software programs. Some just want to study and understand the books, while others might decide to invest in their own digital study library and keep it for good. Whatever your needs, this list of the best Bible software available will definitely have something you will find useful.

1. e-Sword (Windows)


This is probably the best of all programs and offers a lot more than you could expect from free software. You will have a few different free add on Bible versions, dictionaries, and commentaries. The program is very user-friendly and has plenty of tutorials, manuals, and demos that you can find on the e-Sword website. If you want to have this program on the go, a small Pocket PC version is available. It is called Pocket e-Sword and is also free.

2. Eloquent (Macintosh)

This program is also free and used to be called MacSword. This program's open-source app is designed for Mac OS X users. It correlates with the Sword project of open source Bible software and is compatible with many Bible translations and over 200 Bible studies. This study and research program has commentaries, dictionaries, and lexicons, among many other useful features.

3. Logos Bible Software (Windows and Macintosh)

Some people favor this program above all others. This is a paid program that includes free parts and can work for beginners and experts alike. The main mission of Logos is to simplify Bible study. The latest version 7 offers eight base packages. The price varies greatly - the basic program starts at $295 and can go up as high as $10,800 for Collector's Edition.

This program requires some serious investment, but it is very well worth the money as it will give you hundreds of thousands of resources. If you were to add the retail value of each resource, you would see that Logos packages are the best deals you can get. You can pay for the software in monthly increments and participate in academic discount program.

4. Accordance Bible Software (Macintosh)

Accordance Bible Software

Mac users who want a variety of choices should really consider this software. All levels of study are covered, from student to scholar and sport different tiers of pricing. You can purchase the Starter Collection for just $50 or go all the way to $2,000 for the Ultimate Collection. The program can be run on a Windows PC using their emulator, but they also released Windows-native version in 2013.

5. BibleWorks (Windows)

This software features Greek, Hebrew, and Septuagint Bibles and focuses on native language studies and analysis of original texts. For $349 you can have more than 190 Bible translations in 40 languages. You will also get lexicons, dictionaries, commentaries, and many integrated text tools. The BibleWorks software runs on Parallels, Fusion, VirtualBox, and Boot Camp.

6. iLumina Gold (Windows and Macintosh)

This program is dedicated to interactive learning and features multimedia Bible study with narrated, musical, and animated experiences. The software costs $90 and is available on Windows and Macs. You can enjoy self-guided studies, lessons, and quizzes. The Book of Life encyclopedia, virtual tours of the Holy land, the Nativity Scene, and overview of the entire history are available of this software.

It is currently out of print and sold only through resellers.

7. PC Study Bible Version (Windows)

PC Study Bible

This affordable software program offers five library options starting at $37.95 and going up to $450 for the top Advanced Reference Library. This software caters to conservative believers and is enhanced with commentaries and references. One thing this system offers that makes it unique is the capability for you to create your own version of Bible study materials that can be integrated into the software, called Biblesoft Authoring System.

8. QuickVerse (Windows)

This Bible software program has three packages, Basic, Silver, and Gold. The prices range between $305 and $1,631. Just like many previous ones, the software features Bible translations, commentaries (42), study notes, dictionaries, handbooks, Greek resources, church history, maps, pictures, reading plans, and devotionals. This program also includes an audio tool to help you learn the correct pronunciation of difficult ancient words.

9. SwordSearcher Bible Software (Windows)

This software is very reasonably priced at just $60. You can get your money back for 30 days with a free evaluation version. You will get easy-to-use research tools, 18 Bible versions, a ton of dictionaries, and guides, along with maps and illustrations.

10. WORDsearch Preaching Library (Windows)

This software is created by LifeWay Christian Resources and is geared towards preachers and teachers. The study can be used to prepare for sermons and lessons. It includes 4,500 Bibles and reference works for an easy and fun reading. The collection includes various resources by pastors and preachers. It costs only $500 to acquire and use.