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The Rev. Chris Chivers is Minor Canon and Precentor of Westminster Abbey, London where he shares responsibility for the worship of one of the world's busiest religious institutions. Prior to his current appointment he was Canon Precentor of St. George's Cathedral, Cape Town, combining this portfolio with work as a freelance writer for various South African newspapers, including The Cape Times , Cape Argus and Sunday Independent. He served a curacy in North London and before training for the ministry at Westcott House, Cambridge, he was Lay Chaplain and Housemaster of King's College School, Cambridge, where he was also tutor to the choristers of its world-famous Chapel Choir.

Chris is the author of several books which have been critically acclaimed, among them Echoes of a Rainbow Song (1996) and The Hard Road to Glory (2001), both a direct result of his South African experiences. A graduate in music from Magdalen College, Oxford, where he was an Academical Clerk, and theology from Selwyn College, Cambridge, where he won the University Theological Studies Prize, he is married with four- and three-year-old sons.

He will seek to use his column in The Witness to show ways in which the contemporary church may engage creatively with people way beyond its walls and promote a more inclusive and imaginative vision of God's kingdom. Chris may be reached by email at Chris.Chivers@westminster-abbey.org